Exhibition information

The188th Uwe Loesch Exhibition

January 11, 2002 - January 31, 2002

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Far away in the world, there are few excellent places for poster exhibitions - such as the ginza graphic gallery in Tokyo. In 1994 I had the honor and the pleasure to show my posters in Osaka, and eight years later, 2002, in Tokyo. At that time, Ikko Tanaka has been the supervisor of the ggg and I was very glad - and a little bit proud - when I was invited by him. One day before the opening, in the late afternoon, he came in the gallery, to have a last look on the exhibition. We talked for a long time, about contemporary poster design, about typography and about his plans for the future of the gallery. A few hours later, in the late evening, Ikko Tanaka died. My exhibition in the ggg, the small catalogue and even the poster, we created together for the exhibition, I kept in mind as a reference to the great artist and typographer Ikko Tanaka. He will have a place in my heart forever. Uwe Loesch