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The171th The Epoch of the Japan Advertising Artists Club Exhibition

August 01, 2000 - August 29, 2000

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JAAC (Japan Advertising Artists club), formed in 1951 and broke up in 1970, was perhaps the most important graphic design movement in modern Japan. It was wonderful that while many of the older members are no longer with us, we were able to collect many preserved works and recreate the brilliance of that hot summer during this summer at the end of the 20th century. I wonder how people who did not know JAAC saw this exhibition. I wonder if they understood that the JAAC times were the golden period for Japanese graphic design. What kind of an impression did they get from the retrospective expressions which continued from before the war in the early works and the evolution to contemporary expressions which are still not oldfashioned in the latter works. Could they understand how moved we were by or how caught up we got in the new designs that appeared at JAAC. The two talk shows that were held offered some clues. One other thing, "The Epoch of the Japan Advertising Artists Club" a collection of many works, will probably grow in importance with the passing of time. Hiroshi Sano