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kyoto ddd gallery The215th Exhibition Wim Crouwel Fascinated by the grid

December 14, 2017 - March 17, 2018

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The exhibition is the first overview of the work of Dutch graphic designer Wim Crouwel in Japan. Crouwel(Born in 1928)began his career in 1952 as an exhibithion designer but is most noted as the graphic designer of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam(1963-1984). His reputation also rests on his experimental computer alphabet, stamps and calendars. In 1963 he was a co-founder of Total Design, a large multidisciplinary design agency. It introduced Swiss modernism and corporate identity in Holland. Crouwel has also been active as a teacher, writer and lecturer.
As a graphic designer Crouwel propagated rational and systematic design using grids. In his opinion a designer should have an objective attitude working on information design. His views helped shape a new paradigm and have contributed to a lively design climate. Crouwels oeuvre testifies to over half a century of work in a highly consistent manner, uniting theory and method with an unprecedented lebel of poetry and aesthetics.

gallery talk

December 14.2017 Thu 16:00-17:30
Speaker: Carolien Glazenburg(Curator of Graphic Design, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam)
Venue: kyoto ddd gallery

March. 3. 2018  Sat  16:00-17:30
Speaker: Helmut Schmidt
Venue: kyoto ddd gallery
Entrance free

special talk

December. 15. 2017 Fri  17:00-19:00
jun Sato(professor of Kyoto University of Art and Design / Pepartment of Information design)
 Wim Crouwel; Four yeaes with 8vo
Carolien Glazenburg(Curator of Graphic Design, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam)
 Wim Crouwel; of great importance for the Stedelijk Museum graphic design collection
Venue: Kyoto University of Art and Design
Entrance free

Opening Party

Dcember.14.2017 Thu 17:30-19:00
Venue: kyoto ddd gallery


Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Carolien Glazenburg
The Gielijin Escher Poster Collection


Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands


wim crouwel
(November 1928 Groningen, Netherlands)
1946-1949  Art School Academie Minerva, Groningen
1951-1952  Art School IvKNO(nowadays The Gerrit Rietveld Academy)
1952-1954  Works for Enderberg, exhibition and trade fair stands etc
1956-1960  Design studio with interior designer Kho Liang le, Amsterdam
1963-1980  Cofounder and Partner in design agency Total Design, Amsterdam
1980-1982  Lecturer in Industrial Design, University of Technology, Delft
1980-1985  Adviser Total Design
1982-1985  Professor and dean of faculty, Industrial Design, University of Technology, Delft
1985-1993  Director Boymans-van Beuningen Museum, Rotterdam
1987-1993  Endowed Professor, Art and Culture, Erasmue University, Rotterdam
1994-2010  Free-lance designer, Amsterdam