Making the world better with Service Design,
the framework of effective co-creation.

Making the world better with Service Design, the framework of effective co-creation.

This vision includes our passion for solving various pains those still are in people's life, even in this convenient world. "Innovation" includes many kinds and definitions, but the innovation we aim is something that can add positive meaning to consumers and markets.

About us:

We are implementation-driven researcher team who develops "Co-creation Service Design method" with consumers, companies, academics, and creators.

Service Designer: Our service-designer works as professional consultants who design the entire project and manage them as facilitators.

Our 4 activities:


We produce co-creation project which consist of our original methods and tools to our clients to solve various kinds of client's problems.


As an inhouse-consulting team, we are in charge of our internal organization design. Starting with "Design Thinking" mind-set towards employees, business process reframing, creating original space for co-creation. We send service designers to organizations those need them to proceed PDCA cycle in design thinking way to achieve their KGI.


We circulate and enlighten service design way of thinking to the world through seminars, events, and workshops.


We research and develop original methods and tools which stands on service design principles with universities and companies and read the paper in conferences.

Our definition for "Service Design"

"Service Design" is an action to design entire service stream, not only each touch -points, focusing on the value of experience of consumers.

We have a wide field of projects, such as product development, vision creation, business creation, organization design, public service design and so on. We are based on design thinking mind, and the projects proceed with the following points.

  • Implement 4 basic steps——Discover, Define, Develop, Deliver. Not going through once, but going back and forth to brush up.
  • Original tools and methods are there for each steps.
  • Proceed as "Co-creation/Open Innovation" project to accept diversity and make good use of it.
  • Designing the experience value with comprehensive perspective.
  • Create "experience journey" by combining more than one touch points.

By original design tools and methods, we create service innovations which defines new value, which is difficult with only authentic service design approach.

One of the major features of service design is that it does not look at the consumer as a subject of research, but rather welcomes it into the design team. For this reason, it is not necessary for only designers with some specialties to be able to practice, and it is necessary to prepare design tools and procedures so that even members who do not have design literacy can use them. SDL targets various business issues extracted through innovation creation activities in real business, combining various design tools, and multiplying various business methods with their own rule of thumb to create unique methods. We continue to promote activities to form and sublimate it into a state where everyone can use it. In particular, we have focused on method research to create “service innovation with meaning formation” that is difficult to achieve with only an authentic service design approach, and we have been working on joint research with Professor Masanao Takeyama, Faculty of Economics, Keio University.As a result of this research, service design methods already proven in actual business are introduced on this page.

Co-creation site

The co-creation site “P & I Lab Collaboration” is a place where co-creation design projects can be effectively performed.
Based on the concept of “a space in which a co-creation mind can be switched on”, we focused on space design, such as furniture layout and flow line design.
It is fully equipped with tools and materials that can produce “prototypes” for the purpose of verifying hypotheses and ideas, and extracting specific issues and improvements, as well as projectors and screens that allow demonstration experiments.