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Product Lineup


We provide various special raw materials, films, sheets, processed products and process materials for use in IT-related products and information/video equipment including display products.

Process materials

  • Bonding materials
  • Surface protection materials
  • Optical materials
  • Substrate materials
  • Abrasive materials
  • Semiconductor materials
  • Electronic materials
  • Electrical products
  • Recording materials
  • Filtration materials
  • Clean room equipment
  • Chemicals
  • Cleaning agents

Flat-screen TV components

  • Various types of optical films
  • Functional films
  • Protective films

Electrical products

  • LED lighting
  • LCD TV
  • Plasmacluster ion generators for business

Original-DNP products

  • Screen for projector available in a light room
    [Brand name: JETBLACK]
  • Tapes for semiconductors and electronic component devices
    [Brand name: Cover tape]PDF
  • Chart for calibration and quality evaluation of output device such as
    scanner and printer [Brand name: Test charts]
  • Chart for color adjustment of a color monitor
    [Brand name: Color bar charts]
  • Light source device for adjustment of video camera and steel camera
    [Brand name: Color viewers]

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