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Product Lineup


We provide various environment-friendly products to prevent global warming and realize sustainable society.

Visualization tools

  • Measuring instruments
  • Energy monitors

Energy saving

Energy-saving equipment

  • Demand controllers
  • Energy-saving HVAC equipment
  • Natural light lighting systems
  • LED lighting

Energy-saving materials

  • Phosphors
  • Insulation and thermal barrier coatings and films
  • LNG (liquefied natural gas)

New energy

Natural energy

  • Solar power generation panel


  • Biomass-based fuels
  • Thinnings

Environment-friendly commodity materials

Environment-friendly paper

  • Forest certification paper (FSC/PEFC)
  • Wood-free paper (Reed paper)
  • Recycled paper
  • Cardboards
  • Stone paper
  • Serial paper

Environment-friendly plastics

Environment-friendly sales promotional materials

  • Thinning wood novelties
  • Other environment-friendly novelty products

Environmentally-friendly equipment and facilities

  • VOC gas reduction and recovery equipment
  • Water-saving devices
  • Volume and weight reduction systems

Collection and recycling


  • PP, PET, recycled toner cartridges


  • Waste paper (confidential documents)


  • Iron, aluminum, copper, precious metals, rare metals, and others


  • Recycled solvent

CO2 emission credit

International credit

  • CER credits

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