Security and Protection against disasters

We provide DNP information security products toward the creation of safe and secure society.

Information security-related

Security system

  • IC card and IC card issuing machines
  • Access control systems
  • Attendance management systems
  • Security gates
  • Surveillance camera systems
  • SSFC-compatible office storage

Authentication-related products

IC tag-related products

  • IC tag materials
  • Antenna materials
  • Processing
  • Readers and writers equipment
  • RFID inlay

Protection against disasters

Direct mail-related equipment

  • Emergency supplies
  • Evacuation guidance, luminous sheet
  • Evacuation chair [Brand name: Excel Chair]
  • Light non wover fabric blanket

Direct mail-related materials

  • Envelope paper
  • Wrapping films
  • Window films
  • Sealing adhesives
  • Labeling paper


  • Hologram
  • Various types of watermark paper