DNP VPN for Mobile P2P Communications

∗Download the necessary plug-in software.

DNP VPN is an integrated platform that allows enterprises to easily build up a secure Internet communication infrastructure for voice, audio, video and any style of data, and is applicable to both hub & spoke and P2P meshed configurations. Also its innovative technologies enable P2P based secret phone call by which employees communicate each other using internal extension numbers even outdoors.

●P2P (peer to peer) VPN

DNP VPN enables genuine P2P secure communications of voice and any data between smartphones thanks to its original implementation of signaling a session and NAT traversal technologies. Each device does not need static public IP addresses on the Internet. Once each device establishes a session by connecting to the management server, both devices are ready to start P2P communication without going through the server. DNP VPN remarkably reduces server load, network bandwidth and cost of fixed public IP address.

●Multi-device VPN

VPN communication can be established between multiple devices like smartphones, PCs, and IP phones that run various OS such as Windows, Linux, Android and iOS, which brings real convenience and higher operational efficiency to enterprises.

●DNP VPN Management Server managing all users and devices

Management Server helps an administrator to configure User ID & password and virtual IP address for all the users and devices centrally, distributes the settings to each terminal, and monitors who is logged-in from which device.

Note)   One management server controls up to 20,000 devices, which can be increased by redundant configuration of servers.

●Lower operating costs

Unlike conventional VPN,
DNP VPN does not need static IP address,
which reduces operating costs.


●Easy installation /configuration (Zero-configuration oriented)

On each device, just entering User ID & Password starts VPN connection. Client and Destination IP address and authentication method are configured silently from the server.

DNP VPN has already been adopted by many Japanese companies of security, retail, manufacturing, food service and housing.


Function Description
VPN Protocol DTLS(RFC4347), suitable for 2way real-time communication.
Cryptographic method AES 256bit
Communication channel Full mesh P2P (Users-to-Users direct connection), bidirectional connection, hub and spoke is also available.
Static IP address Unnecessary (NAT compatible)
Virtual IP for VPN Management Server allocates it automatically (changeable)
User prior authentication Auto login is available by using a fixed password allocated from Management Server.
User connection authentication Device authentication by digital certificate, MAC address, etc.
Tunnel mode Layer3(IPv4/IPv6)
User GUI ID & password setting, login/logout, log transmission and status view
User Configuration At deployment
(Zero Configuration)
Initial configuration: User ID & Password and Management Server URL only.
Other settings for VPN client are automatically distributed from Management Server.
At daily operation Updated information is distributed from Management Server automatically.
User device OS Microsoft Windows, Android OS, iOS, Linux OS
*Please ask us about applicable OS versions
Management Server User registration/change/addition/deletion, tenant allocation, user grouping, delivering virtual IP/User ID/password.
Viewing connection status, updating configuration, managing logs, etc.
Management Server OS Linux RHEL,CentOS,etc.

Deployment schedule (2 weeks or more after all the equipment is prepared)

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