DNP Group Vision 2015

Shueisha, the corporate predecessor of DNP (Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.), was founded in 1876.
Its motto, “Run a civilized business,” expressed the company's determination to contribute to Japan’s modernization and cultural enlightenment.

The determination has been passed down to today's DNP
as “DNP Group Vision 2015”
that underpins a variety of DNP’s business fields.

Corporate Philosophy

The DNP Group connects individuals and
society, and provides new value.

The DNP Group
provides society with what individuals need,
provides individuals with what society needs.

Business Vision

Use P&I Innovations to expand business,
primarily around four growth areas.

P&I Innovations

“P&I Innovation” refers to the creation of new value—
value that never existed before—by combining printing (P) and information (I) as DNP’s strengths along with diversified partners.

DNP's “Four Growth Areas”

  • Knowledge and Communication
    Supporting people's lifestyles and fostering culture within an
    advanced information society by conveying valuable information
    reliably, safely, and in optimal formats.
  • Food and Healthcare
    Supporting safer and higher-quality living and lifelong health
    maintenance amid changing population dynamics, including the
    increasing aging of society.
  • Lifestyle and Mobility
    Aiming to achieve greater comfort in response to increasing
    desire for personal space as a result of consumers' diversifying values.
  • Environment and Energy
    Aiming to make environmentally friendly society a reality
    in order to simultaneously achieve economic growth and
    environmental preservation.

DNP Group Guiding Principles

Taiwa (dialog) and cooperation

Each member of DNP becomes a professional in his or her field.
Actively and repeatedly engaging in taiwa and working together with
people both inside and outside the company leads to the generation
of original products and services that never existed in the past.