P&I Solutions

We will identify and solve the problems and issues that customers and corporate clients face within the emergently evolving society by fusing our Printing Technologies(PT) and Information Technologies(IT)

Contributing to and Business Opportunities in the Emergently Evolving Society Countless business opportunities can be found within the emergently evolving society and among emergent phenomena.

The Concept Underlying Our P&I Solutions Conventional ‘products and services’ often prove inadequate for solving problems arising in this emergently evolving society and thus, there is an increasing need for solutions that go farther beyond the framework of individual products or services. It is through the process of perceiving the signs of change in society before others,  and making the most of DNP’s exclusive strengths to draw up possible solutions to solve our clients’ problems and propose our solutions to our clients one step ahead, that we are able to contribute to the development of the emergently evolving society, which will in turn lead to the development of our own businesses.

Technologies that Support P&I Solutions

By fusing the Printing Technologies that DNP has cultivated over a long period of time in business with cutting-edge Information Technologies, we propose solutions that generate new value for 21st-century, emergently evolving society.

Printing Technologies

Printing Technologies

Carving ,engraving, making plates, and printing…from roots in letterpress printing, direct printing of letters and pictures on paper, DNP has evolved to master a range of printing technologies. Today our technological repertoire supports activities in many fields, including the production of electronic parts and decorative materials. DNP printing technology inspires one new product after another.


Information Technologies

Information Technologies

A drive to digitize all information assets has triggered explosive growth in information technology. The IT revolution was already underway in 1971 when we introduced our computerized typesetting system. Today, people are creating new forms of communication by applying digital information to websites, DVDs, and many other media.


“Expansion Printing” and “P&I Solutions”

Increasing Our Business through "Expansion Printing" and "P&I Solutions"

The history of DNP’s business growth is the history of the evolution and application of our two core technologies – printing and information. Since its founding in 1876, DNP has refined these technologies to world-class levels and broadened our field of business by deriving diverse technologies from printing and applying those technologies to a wide range of fields.

Now we aim to continue broadening our business and contributing to society in line with DNP's business vision of “ P&I Solutions” – which means combining printing and information technologies in order to solve problems for our customers and for society. This is taking us into all kinds of business fi elds that need DNP technology, starting with solar battery components and other energy-related areas, and technologies for regenerative medicine, such as capillary blood vessel formation and cell sheet engineering.

Strategies for promoting commercialization of technological developments