Corporate History


5 | Playing an Important Role in the Advancement of Information Society


In the early 1990s, Japan's bubble economy collapsed and Japan entered a long period of economic stagnation. Although the Company had kept its management focus on core businesses, its bottom line was inevitably affected by environmental factors such as weak demand and growing competition. Aiming to build a strong corporate constitution capable of adapting to market changes, DNP implemented structural reforms. At the same time, we took a fresh look at our manufacturing sector and opened one new plant after another all over Japan.
Since 1991, we have positioned ourselves as an "information communication industry" with the aim of being a company that can propose and provide products and services that respond to changes in information media and communication methods. We also began to focus on solution-oriented businesses, including Internet-based businesses and information processing services (IPS), based on our view that the advent of IT society presents good opportunities for business expansion.
As the idea of good corporate citizenship grew in importance during this period, many corporations began sponsoring cultural activities. Starting with ginza graphic gallery (established in 1986 in Tokyo), we went on to create spaces for showcasing graphic design in Osaka and Fukushima as well, thereby casting new light on a printing company's role in supporting culture.

High-definition Gallery system at the Museum of Fine Arts, GifuHigh-definition Gallery system at the Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu

DNP’s first web siteDNP’s first web site

Center for Contemporary Graphic Art (CCGA)Center for Contemporary Graphic Art (CCGA)

Reforestation venture in VietnamReforestation venture in Vietnam

Build-up wiring boardBuild-up wiring board

Server racks at Internet Data CenterServer racks at Internet Data Center

Contactless IC tagsContactless IC tags

Mar.  2   Delivered first version of DNP’s “High-definition Gallery” image display system to the Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu
Apr. 1   Introduction of national consumption tax (3%)
May 15   Established smart card production joint venture Spom Japan Co., Ltd. with Bull SA of France as an equal partner
May   Established DNP Denmark A/S to manufacture and sell projection TV screens
Jan. 22   Acquired controlling share of Singapore-based printing company Tien Wah Press (Pte.) Ltd.
Apr. 1   International Garden and Greenery Exposition held in Osaka
Dec. 15   Established DNP Singapore Pte. Ltd., which sells mainly decorative materials and electronic components
    Developed "S-Mail" postcards with a full adhesive cover that peels off easily
Apr. 1   New Tokyo metropolitan government building completed in Shinjuku
Jun. 18   Opened Tsukuba Center for Integrated Development in Ibaraki Pref. as a locus for researching and developing basic technologies
Aug. 1   Opened Ono Plant in Hyogo Pref.
Oct. 22   Opened Okayama Plant, in Okayama Pref., to make information media supplies
Nov. 5   Opened "DDD” gallery in Osaka
Jan. 6   Proposed becoming an “information communication industry” in New Year address
    Developed PET plastic bottle pre-forming method
May 12   Launched support services for official J. League (soccer) Data Site
May 28   Opened Shiraoka Plant in Saitama Pref., specializing in printing of books
Jul.   Opened Mihara Plant to make electronic components in Hiroshima Pref.
Dec.   Developed contactless smart card
Aug. 1   Established Dai Nippon IMS America Corp. (now DNP Imagingcomm America Corp.)
Dec. 1   Launched DNP website
Jan. 17   The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake
Mar. 24   Received the International Trade and Industry Minister’s Prize as part of the 4th Grand Prize for the Global Environment Awards
Apr. 20   Opened Center for Contemporary Graphic Art (CCGA) in Fukushima Pref.
Jul. 24   Invested in Vietnam reforestation joint venture with Shin Oji Paper Co., Ltd. (currently Oji Paper Co., Ltd.) and Nissho Iwai Corp. (currently Sojitz Corp.)
Aug.   Began Media Galaxy, offering a full range of services related to website operation
Sep.   Opened Tanabe Plant in Kyoto Pref., specializing in paper cartons for holding liquids
Jan.   Began producing EB-coated paper for use in decorative materials
Jul. 20   Collaborated with The Yomiuri Shimbun (Newspaper) to provide “Atlanta Olympic Games News Flashes” using internet
Jul. Established technology for designing anti-glare films for liquid crystal displays
Sep. 20   Collaborated with the Mainichi Newspapers to start a searchable data base of news photos
Sep.   Developed manufacturing technology for electrodes used in lithium-ion rechargeable batteries; entered energy business
Nov. 10   Opened Izumizaki Plant in Fukushima Pref., specializing in film packaging
Mar. 12   Started online publishing business
Sep. 1   Began issuing Mondex electronic money cards
Dec. 11   Kyoto Protocol adopted at the third session of the UN climate change conference (COP 3) held in Kyoto
    Developed inline aseptic filling system for PET plastic bottles
1998 Feb. 6   Began selling Innovative Barrier (IB) film, a non-PVC film with excellent barrier properties
Apr. 8   Opened RMN Image Archive for French national art museums association (Reunion des Musées Nationaux)
Apr. 23   Opened Utsunomiya Plant for offset printing in Tochigi Pref.
Sep. 22   Developed "True Image" full color Lippmann holograms
Nov. 23   Established DNP Taiwan Co., Ltd.
Jan. 7   Opened Ushiku Plant in Ibaraki Pref., specializing in the manufacture of plastic cards
Mar. 2   Developed smart cards that can be used for both contact and contactless applications
Oct. 12   Developed ultra-high density multi-layered substrates for use in BGA/MCM semiconductor packages; entered the build-up wiring board business
    Commercialized soft packs for lithium-ion rechargeable batteries
Oct. 6 Opened Internet Data Center
Oct. Developed and began producing contactless IC tags
Dec. 7   Established DNP Korea Co., Ltd.