Corporate History


6 | Contributing to Society based on Prosperous, and Emergent Evolution


In 2001, DNP released its "DNP Group Vision for the 21st Century.” The Vision's aim is to contribute to the development of a society based on emergent evolution by combining printing and information (P&I) technologies with knowledge and experience that we have previously accumulated, in order to propose "P&I Solutions."
Since 2000, the Japanese printing industry has been plagued by deflation despite a gradual recovery trend in the nation's economy. With the addition of further pressure from the simultaneous recessions in many parts of the world that followed the financial crisis of September 2008, the Company faced a period of unprecedented difficulty.
As we searched for a way out of this situation, we steadily established systems that enabled us to demonstrate new strengths and to accelerate the pace of business development by means of internal and external collaboration. In 2012, we began public relations activities based on the brand statement, "Today's Innovation is Tomorrow's Basic." We aim to continue developing new products and services that contribute to solving society's problems.

Flexible organic ELFlexible organic EL

Public announcement of the DNP Group Vision for the 21st CenturyPublic announcement of the DNP Group Vision for the 21st Century

Maison des Musées de FranceMaison des Musées de France

Solar battery moduleSolar battery module

The DNP Gotanda BuildingThe DNP Gotanda Building

Capillary blood vessel pattern after transferCapillary blood vessel pattern after transfer

Package for Japanese-style space foodPackage for Japanese-style space food

			hybrid online bookstore"honto" hybrid online bookstore

Apr. 4 Succeeded in developing a flexible color organic EL display
May 13   Released the "DNP Group Vision for the 21st Century"
Aug. 15   Entered the micro-machine (MEMS) processing business
Sep. 30   Developed “FOMA” SIM cards for use in cell phones provided by NTT DoCoMo, Inc.
Jun. 25   Collaborated with STMicroelectronics N.V. of Switzerland to establish photomask manufacturing joint venture DNP Photomask Europe S.p.A. in Italy
May 8   Completed DNP Sohatsu-no-Mori Hakone Training Center
May 12   Established Maison des Musées de France (now Maison des Musées du Monde) in Tokyo's Ginza district, as a locus for providing information about French art and art museums
May 12   Developed components for solar battery modules
May 25   Developed new screen for use with front projectors; sold from Sep. 2005
Jul. 12   In collaboration with Tokyo Medical and Dental University, succeeded in forming capillary blood vessel patterns; entered the field of regenerative medicine
Jul.  Began selling PrintRush self-service digital photo printing systems
Jan. 18 Established DNP International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Feb. 7   Established and participated in Shared Security Formats Cooperation (SSFC) aimed at formulating common data formats for smart cards
Mar. 25  Expo 2005 held in Aichi Prefecture
Apr. 1   Japan's Personal Information Protection Act took effect
Nov. 15   Opened Kurosaki Plant in Kitakyushu City and began producing LCD color filters for 6th-generation products
Jan.   Started “Kangaroo Club” back-to-work seminars for employees taking childcare leave
Mar. 8   Agreed to acquire ID photo and related businesses from Konica Minolta Holdings, Inc.
Jul. 7   Completed DNP Gotanda Building
Aug.  Opened Kamiya Solutions Center
Oct. 20   Announced full-fledged entry into e-book production and distribution licensing businesses
Oct. 25  Opened the Louvre-DNP Museum Lab, a joint project with the Louvre Museum
Jan. 1   Acquired organic and inorganic photographic chemicals manufacturing and sales businesses from Konica Minolta Holdings, Inc.
Feb. 7   Developed Japan's first packaging for Japanese-style space food
Jun. 20  Established DNP IMS Netherlands B.V. in the Netherlands (now DNP Imagingcomm Europe B.V.)
Jul. 17   Established the DNP Foundation for Cultural Promotion
Aug. 20   Acquired shares in Maruzen Co., Ltd., making it a consolidated subsidiary
Jan. 5 Switched from paper to digital stock certificates
Jan. 29  Installed new facilities within the Izumizaki Plant for making back sheets and filling materials used in photovoltaic cells
Mar. 18   Acquired shares in Junkudo Co., Ltd., making it a consolidated subsidiary
Jun. 15   Acquired China UnionPay-brand card manufacturing certification
Oct. 1   Integrated the domestic ink businesses of DIC Corp. and The Inctec Inc. to form DIC Graphics Corp.
Nov. 18   Acquired Oguchi Book Binding & Printing Co., Ltd. as a consolidated subsidiary
Feb. 1  Established CHI Group (now Maruzen CHI Holdings Co., Ltd.); Maruzen Co., Ltd. and TRC, Inc. became subsidiaries of CHI Group
Feb. 1   Launched "DreamPages" photo book production service
Apr. 1   Initiated a "work-life balance" support system aimed at transforming working styles
Apr. 9   Acquired Intelligent Wave Inc. as a consolidated subsidiary through acquisition of shares
Sep. 15   Established DNP Information and Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Nov. 25   Began operating "honto" hybrid bookstore network, providing both paper and electronic books
Feb. 14   Acquired China UnionPay-brand card issuer certification
Mar. 11  Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake
Dec. 15   Capital and business tie up with All About, Inc.
Apr. 24   Established DNP Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Jul. 25   Established DNP IMS Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (now DNP Imagingcomm Asia Sdn. Bhd.)
Aug. 9   Business tieup with Nihon Unisys, Ltd.
Jan. 23   Opened Communication Plaza dot DNP in Tokyo's Ichigaya district
Apr. 26   Opened “The Lab. CAFE Lab.” within Knowledge Capital in Osaka
Jun. 5   Opened film packaging plant in Vietnam's Binh Duong Province
Jul. 1  Began distributing DNP's household budget-tracking application, "Receipi!"
Jul. 25   Full-scale start-up of DNP Fine Chemicals Utsunomiya Co., Ltd.
Aug. 23   Established Dai Nippon Printing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Oct. 25   Completed construction of DNP Kashiwa Data Center (began operations in December)
Dec. 3   Opened factory to produce transfer printing media in Johor, Malaysia
Mar.   Acquired shares in SHUFUNOTOMO Co., Ltd., making it a consolidated subsidiary
Aug. 1   Established a representative office in India
Sep.   Began selling film medium for microorganism testing
Oct. 1   Established DNP Sumai Mirai Lab
Oct. 9   Opened DNP Kyoto Uzumasa Cultural Heritage Gallery