President's Message

Realization of "Third Corporate Founding"

In these times of great change, the DNP Group is confronting issues facing society and striving to create new value in order to solve them one by one.

DNP’s corporate philosophy is to “connect individuals and society, and provide new value,” and our business vision is to “to expand our business around four growth areas through what we call “P&I innovations.” P&I refers to DNP’s overall, unique strengths in the fields of printing (P) and information (I), and by synergizing these strengths DNP is promoting a variety of business activities to bring better innovations to society.

As evidenced by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations in 2015, numerous unresolved issues are all around us. If we can overcome these challenges, it will represent long-awaited new value for the people directly affected by them. Our four growth areas of Knowledge and Communication, Food and Healthcare, Lifestyle and Mobility, and Environment and Energy, are targeted as areas where DNP can exert its own unique capabilities in solving social issues, and considered the wellspring of new value.

When DNP was founded in 1876 as Shueisha, the company prospectus included the motto “Running a civilized business.” DNP defines civilization as a peaceful society where people are filled with hope and dreams for the future. DNP has always engaged in businesses aimed at solving a variety of challenges for a better future, and this motto has never wavered to this day.

In the tumultuous postwar period, DNP promoted “expansion printing” to diversify its businesses by applying and developing a range of printing technologies. These efforts helped us evolve into a leading integrated printing company rarely seen in the world.
This represented our second corporate founding, and the strategy to expand our business domain by sticking to our strengths and maximizing them remains pivotal even today.

However, with the unprecedented pace of change we see today, I’m convinced now is the time for us to drive innovations transcending the second corporate founding and realize a third corporate founding. DNP will continue to create value that solves social challenges.

Also, the third corporate founding can only be realized through a wide collaboration with our many partners. We will strive to deepen Taiwa (dialogue) with our stakeholders, accelerate the development of products and services with an edge, and deliver their value on the global stage. Building on our many achievements to date, DNP will work as one to ensure sustainable growth alongside society and maintain the trust of our stakeholders.

President Yoshinari Kitajima
(Assumed the position of president on June 28, 2018)


Executive Officers

Chairman Yoshitoshi Kitajima
President Yoshinari Kitajima
Executive Vice Presidents Koichi Takanami
Masayoshi Yamada
Senior Managing Directors Masahiko Wada
Tetsuji Morino
Tokuji Kanda
Managing Directors Satoru Inoue
Kenji Miya
Directors Tadao Tsukada *
Tsukasa Miyajima *
Standing Statutory Auditors Kazunari Tanaka
Naoki Hoshino
Shin-ichi Ikeda *
Statutory Auditors Makoto Matsuura *
Kuniaki Nomura *
Senior Executive Corporate Officers Sakae Hikita
Masato Koike
Masato Yamaguchi
Motoharu Kitajima
Takashi Saito
Ryuji Minemura
Morihiro Muramoto
Senior Corporate Officers Shigemi Furuya
Toshiki Sugimoto
Naohiko Sugimoto
Kiyotaka Nakagawa
Daiji Suzuki
Nobuyuki Asaba
Mitsuru Tsuchiya
Hirofumi Hashimoto
Kazuhiko Sugita
Masafumi Kuroyanagi
Corporate Officers Kazuhiko Takada
Ryota Chiba
Toru Takamatsu
Satoshi Kubota
Souichiro Nishitani
Yoshiki Numano
Osamu Nakamura
Kazuhisa Kobayashi
Toru Miyake
Mitsuru Iida

Minako Miyama
  * outside directors or auditors