Corporate Governance

We at DNP regard strengthening corporate governance as an important management issue for fulfilling our social responsibilities as an emergent 21st century company able to maintain the trust of stakeholders. In addition to building and operating a system to enable accurate decision-making, proper and prompt execution of business operations based on those decisions, as well as oversight and auditing of those operations, we are also working to raise awareness among all our employees of the importance of compliance through thorough training and education, and by working to improve internal controls and other areas of corporate governance.

Annual Report

CSR Management System

At DNP, we have a CSR Committee* comprised of directors and corporate officers in charge at head office. The committee deliberates and decides on the company's CSR policies and targets. The goals established by the committee are then used in cooperation by the dedicated CSR department and the main departments of company headquarters to formulate specific activities to achieve the desired outcomes. Various committees have also been established to deal with key CSR themes such as corporate ethics and the environment.
*The corporate officer in charge is the executive vice president; the managing director serves as committee chairman.

Basic Approach and Important Themes

DNP announced its endorsement of the United Nations Global Compact in July 2006. We will uphold the Global Compact's 10 principles regarding human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption, and seek to reflect the spirit of the Global Compact in all areas of the DNP Group's management. Our CSR themes are set based on steadfast respect for the Global Compact's universal principles and a thorough analysis of their significance from the perspectives of DNP and society.
To ensure society's perspective is respected, we review our activities in light of the ISO 26000 guidelines on social responsibility, with reference to relevant international treaties and agreements, social issues regarded as important by socially responsible investors, and stakeholder opinions (gathered via report questionnaires).
To tackle the most important CSR themes, we establish two kinds of goals; mid-to-long-term goals and, in relation to day-to-day operations, annual goals. With these targets ahead of us, we then work continuously and in a stepwise fashion to achieve the desired outcomes.
It is vital that each and every DNP employee understands and implements our CSR policies, which is why we offer multiple opportunities for them to maintain an accurate awareness of CSR activities, including group training and network-based learning sessions.