Contributing to the development of society

High aspirations spur long years of growth

Four decades ago, Indonesia was in need of new forms of packaging suited to the nation's changing society and lifestyles. The trigger for DNP's expansion into the Indonesian market came when a government-backed publication printer asked the company to participate in a joint venture. We accepted the request and, in 1972, established DNP Indonesia in Jakarta, with the ambition that we could make a genuine contribution to the rest of the world with our wealth of packaging technology.
These days, DNP provides high-quality, costcompetitive products made using our advanced packaging technologies and expertise in countries around the globe. In particular, DNP has built up a majority share in the Indonesian market for soft packaging with high added value such as strong barrier properties, and DNP Indonesia is now one of the top packaging manufacturers in Southeast Asia.
DNP Indonesia's major clients are global companies based in Europe. The company acts as their local partner, and they rely on DNP Indonesia to supply them with world-class products, not only in terms of quality, function, and cost, but also in terms of environmental credentials and ability to satisfy local needs. DNP Indonesia takes those requirements seriously, and has constantly strived to improve its technology so as to gain the recognition of many world-renowned companies as a preferred supplier.
Forty years after the company's inception, we still see DNP Indonesia as much more than an overseas expansion; our aspiration to be a global force for good by taking Japan's superlative packaging culture to the world remains strong, and we believe that DNP Indonesia's many years of growth have come as a result of that lofty vision, coupled with our respect for the local people and communities. In 2013, we hope to capitalize on DNP Indonesia's successes, expand further throughout the region-including a new factory in Vietnam-and spread the word about Japan's packaging culture further around the world.

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