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Planting trees to prevent flooding

Starting with the disastrous flooding in 2010, the Citarum River that flows through a residential area near DNP Indonesia floods regularly during heavy rain.
DNP Indonesia responded by launching a program of tree planting in December 2012, which had the double benefit of preventing soil erosion and beautifying the area. So far, the company has planted 500 bamboo plants, 167 Sengon laut trees (a broad-leaf tree of the bean family), and five mango trees along a stretch of around 500 meters along the river bank.

Building wells to secure domestic water supplies

In Indonesia, the water supply infrastructure is underdeveloped and there is a shortage of water for drinking and household use.
DNP Indonesia has dug wells in four locations in villages around its Karawang Plant, and holds seminars for local housewives on health and hygiene.

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