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Establishing Wide-Area Collaboration and Support Systems in Case of Disasters

We were taught many lessons by the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011. One was the importance of timely recovery support from regions unaffected by disasters to the affected areas. Looking ahead, in cases of extensive damage to the Tokyo Metropolitan area as a result of an earthquake that directly hits the capital, it is anticipated that DNP may no longer be able to engage in sufficient counter-measures from head office alone.
Therefore, in order to be able to promote the rapid recovery of the DNP Group as a whole, along with maintaining central function, it has been decided to strengthen the disaster prevention capabilities of the Ichigayaregion where these central functions are sited, and in April 2013, we established a collaborative system between the five wide-area collaboration bases in Sendai, Ichigaya, Nagoya, Osaka and Okayama that are at a sufficient distance from each other to prevent collateral damage. As a result, we have supplemented the functions of the Disaster Response Center, and believe we are now in a position to be able to smoothly contribute to recovery measures and overall Group emergency countermeasures.

Collaboration and Support Activity Contents

1.Information Gathering and Sharing
The gathering of intelligence, including general disaster information, employee safety, and internal damage status reports and transmitting this information to the relevant internal departments.
2.Procuring Materials and Transport
The procurement and transportation of food, drinking water and daily necessities needed in the affected area, along with disaster response equipment and material.
3.Dispatch of Recovery and Support Personnel
The securing and dispatch of the necessary personnel for recovery activities.
4.External Requests for Cooperation
Requests for cooperation to relevant cooperative companies.

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