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DNP Expands CSR Procurement Criteria to All Divisions

DNP established the DNP Group CSR Procurement Criteria in 2006, and since then has been engaged in responsible procurement, including periodically ascertaining the compliance status of our equipment suppliers.

From December 2014, however, the Company has enhanced procurement efforts by taking criteria previously applied to only part of the DNP business divisions and expanding them to include subcontractors to all divisions.
In order to implement this measure, the Company has hosted briefings to allow divisional heads to reacquaint themselves with the CSR procurement criteria, and an outline covering how to make procurement requests in the future. Following these preparations, DNP is pleased to announce the launch of expanded CSR procurement activities.
Each business division also selected subcontractors that match the specific characteristics of their work division and drawn up a questionnaire that has been conducted following the preparation of a deployment plan.
Looking ahead, DNP will engage in a deeper dialogue with suppliers through such activities. And as companies trusted by society, we will work in tandem targeting further improvements in the social compatibility of the overall value chain.

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