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DNP Implements Autonomous Corporate Ethics Training both in Japan and Overseas

DNP has implemented the voluntary and autonomous performance of autonomous corporate ethics training by each corporate organization since 2003, and between July and September 2014, more than 125 training sessions were held in Japan and overseas.
These autonomous corporate ethics training sessions are conducted by the heads of each operating company or Group Company as instructors. Instructors convey to their staff, in their own words, the issues their organizations should engage with, and the ways to resolve such issues. And as a result, aim to achieve the further establishment and spread of corporate ethics.

PT DNP Indonesia maintains the biggest manufacturing plant of DNP Group companies outside Japan, the year 2014 saw training implemented for staff members of the rank of manager, and above. Using the Indonesian language as the means of communication, the training aimed to achieve a thorough understanding of the DNP Group Code of Conduct, the Vision, and Mission, while also highlighting noteworthy risks and countermeasures. Elsewhere, a variety of ideas have been employed to enhance the effectiveness of this training. These include anti-harassment education in those overseas locations where this is particularly prevalent as an issue, and the inclusion of contents that match the business environment of each location.
In Japan, too, ingenious plans have been implemented by each division. For example, conducting training sessions in a dialogue format to prevent the one-way passage of information from top ranking figures, and the use of skits to illustrate case issues that can occur anywhere. Group discussions and simple confirmation tests following the end of such sessions have also been employed.

Looking ahead, DNP aims to establish and infiltrate corporate ethics throughout the entire Group, through the implementation of autonomous corporate ethics training sessions and compliance assessment systems.