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DNP Receives Excellence Awards for Environmental Reporting at the Environmental Communication Awards 2014

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd (DNP) is pleased to announce that the DNP Group CSR, Report 2014, and the DNP Group Environmental Report 2014 received Excellence Awards in the Environmental Reporting Section at The Environmental Communication Awards 2014, hosted by the Ministry of the Environment and the Global Environmental Forum.
The Environmental Communication Awards is an award system that recognizes superior environmental reports, environmental activities reports and television-based environmental messages, and in addition to promoting a commitment to environmental management and environmental communication by business operators, also aims to improve the quality of environmental information disclosure.
In receiving this latest award, the Company was recognized for active biodiversity conservation efforts by the entire DNP Group. These efforts include, promoting biodiverse friendly procurement and product development in our main business, establishing an environmental management system, and engaging in broad-based activities, such as employee-wide education, as well as enterprises such as the Ichigaya Forest Plan that involve local society. DNP was also recognized for "significant levels of activities designed to ensure reliability."
Looking ahead, DNP will promote environmental activities, and improve environmental information disclosure looking to contribute to the establishment of a sustainable society.