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DNP Sells Fairtrade Certified Café Tote bag and Book Covers

Fairtrade is an organization that aims to support the lives of producers and help them become independent by trading raw materials and products from developing nations at fair prices. DNP has been involved in fair trade activities since 2006, mainly through the sale and consumption of fair trade products on an in-house basis.
In addition to expanding those efforts to include external activities from January 2014, DNP also developed an original company ambassador, the DNPenguin, and produced a Fairtrade certified cotton bag as part of a line-up of non-food products.
In a follow up development, the Company has also launched sales of a DNPenguin tote bag and a book covers, which can be purchased at Communication Plaza dot DNP at Ichigaya in Tokyo.
These products are Consumer and Environmentally-Friendly Products, created through a manufacturing process at cotton farms and garment plants in India that fulfill international Fairtrade standards, such as the Fairtrade Minimum Price Guarantees, the Prohibition of Child and Forced Labor, and Environmentally-Friendly Agricultural Products.
Looking ahead, DNP will contribute to the further penetration of Fairtrade activities in order to improve the lives of producers in developing nations.

  • ・DNP will sell Fairtrade products to employees through in-house sales outlets and the intranet, aiming to promote Fairtrade activities.
  • ・Fairtrade certified coffee and macaroons along with other Fairtrade certified goods are available at honto café at Communication Plaza dot DNP

The café tote bag is large enough to carry a lunchbox. Price 1,600 yen
The book covers are available in blue and green. Price 800 yen each

Labor and environmentally friendly cotton farm in India