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DNP Group Manufacturing Staff Undergo Hands-on Hazard Training

DNP has developed an original hands-on hazard experience training device that allows users to come face-to-face with six types of risk that anticipate the unique nature of the business in which the Company operates.
The Company has previously promoted disaster prevention and risk-reduction activities with the aim of achieving a safe and vibrant workplace. And in March 2014, members of the group manufacturing divisions underwent the first round of hands-on hazard experience training using the newly developed device.
DNP is currently in preparations to train-the-trainer, who will produce a teaching guideline stipulating such issues as proper student numbers, contents and classroom hours. The trainer will then conduct training activities based on these requirements, and other educational activities designed to match the specific characteristics of each DNP worksite.
Following the March 2014 hands-on hazard experience training we have seen a difference in the safety awareness, and reactions of each staff member. These include a numerical reduction in incident cases and contents, and a pick up in existing health and safety activities.
As a result of such activities, the Company was able to realize a significant reduction in industrial accidents in 2013.
In the year to March 2015, approximately 50% of the target members of the group manufacturing divisions had completed training, and it is planned that the remaining members will undergo training throughout the present year.
Looking ahead DNP will strengthen training contents on an ongoing basis aiming to prevent industrial accidents.

Hands-on hazard experience training device 1

Hands-on hazard experience training device 2