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DNP Develops Multilingual Information Security Education

DNP has developed a multilingual information security educational tool to combat the computer viruses that emerged as a social issue in both Japan and overseas in FY 2104.
Educational activities designed to strengthen information security training at DNP's overseas locations has been in operation since 2012, in the form of an eight language training tool.
In this latest development, the Company has developed a guidebook and video to accompany existing training tools.
Available in English, Chinese characters in both traditional and simplified fonts, as well as Italian, Indonesian, Dutch, French and Vietnamese, the guidebook and video will be used in those countries and regions in which DNP operates.
The Company endeavors to strengthen management systems and employee training in order to protect the information assets of consumers, companies and DNP, itself. In order to put information security in both Japan and overseas on a solid basis will continue to promote all necessary measures, such as developing multilingual educational tools, and enhancing training.