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DNP Wins 39th Kinoshita Prize in Packaging Technology Area for Universal Design Compatible Packaging Development Support System

In May, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) was awarded the 39th Kinoshita Prize in the Packaging Technology area from the Japan Packaging Institute. The award was made in recognition of a support system for the development of universal design compatible packaging based on tactile motion sensors, capable of quantifying the touch and movement of the finger tips.

Image of tests using award winning system

Image of tests using award winning system


The progressive greying of the Japanese population is feeding into increased needs for user-friendly packaging. There have been calls for the development of a system that objectively analyzes and assesses how the consumer uses a packaged product, and their feelings about it, such as the ease of opening it, and whether the packaging made it easier to pick up and put down. As a result, when developing packaging, it has become necessary to include a process that reflects these results in the final design.
The award winning system combines HapLog®1, a tactile motion sensor with an original DNP analytics program specializing in packaging. As a result, when opening the packaging it is possible to visualize, and digitalize fingertip movements, and identify what elements affect the ease of opening and its use. It is then possible to use these analytical results in packaging development. To date, it has not been possible to acquire such data with existing tests, and on this occasion, the award has been made in recognition of the ability to quantify such elements, and to be able to execute objective analysis-driven development of packaging, as a result.

[System features]

  •  ・There is little sense of discomfort when the tactile motion sensor is worn and it is possible to obtain motion data without losing any of the sensation when touching the packaging. It is possible to measure the strength inserted into the fingertips and their movement to units of less than 100 parts of a second. A maximum of three fingers may be measured simultaneously.
  •  ・As a result of the original analytical program developed by DNP, it is not only possible to compare the strength inserted into the finger tips and their motion, but also to measure word load, making it possible to perform multilateral identification of those elements that impact ease of opening and use. It is also possible to easily visualize packaging in multiple formats, or movement data from multiple consumers, and to compare and analyze the same.
  •  ・By combining image data photographed during usage tests with the HapLog® data, it is possible to perform objective analyses based on the quantification and visualization of the movement and conditions impacting events, in a manner that was not possible with the subjective assessments made with currently available surveys.

DNP will market the newly developed system to manufacturers of foods and daily necessities. The Company will not only apply this system to boost user-friendliness and assessments of products developed in house, but will also operate a consulting service applying this newly developed system in surveys and package development at manufacturers.

1: The HapLog® is a haptic sensor jointly developed by Shiseido Company, Limited, Kato tech Co., Ltd. and Tec Gihan CO., Ltd. that measures the strength inserted into the fingertips and their movement. By using the original analytical program developed by DNP that specializes in usability analysis, it is possible to compare inter-package and inter-user usage behavior data in a simple and timely manner.