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DNP Develops Reflective, Moisture Preserving Agrifilm That Will Contribute to Improved Production of Agricultural Goods

As part of its efforts to achieve stable food supply, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has developed an agricultural film that is expected to contribute to improved production of agricultural goods. Concerns for stable food supply have increased in recent years against the backdrop of a decrease in the number of farmers, and as the global population continues to rise.

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The newly developed agrifilm can be used to cultivate fruit and vegetables in open culture, protected horticulture, or in vegetable factories. DNP has applied the deposition technology and lamination technology developed over many years in the food packaging area to cut out infrared induced heat, and reduce the temperature increases that impact growth. At the same time the Company has also boosted the light reflection features necessary in order to promote light synthesis. DNP has also provided this new film with the necessary water contents for crop development and moisture retention features for fertilizer, along with the resilience needed for prolonged use. Following tomato cultivation tests conducted at an agricultural experimental station, the first harvest between April and July, 2014 garnered yields approximately twice those of products from other companies. In addition, site tests involving grapes, blueberries and strawberries are underway in both Japan and overseas, and orders for lettuce have been received by some vegetable factories.
This newly developed product is designed to overcome agricultural challenges in the Food and Healthcare area, one off the four sectors1 DNP has positioned as growth niches. The Company aims for broad-based penetration of this newly developed product into open culture, protected horticulture and vegetable factories both in Japan and overseas, and will contribute to improving food issues through increased agricultural production around the world.

  • ・DNP has positioned Knowledge and Communications, Food and Healthcare, the Environment and Energy, and Lifestyle and Mobility as growth areas that will allow DNP to offer new values to society on a constant basis in order to help resolve the issues we all face. The Company will also efforts designed to create the products, services and mechanisms that will be taken for granted in the world of tomorrow.