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DNP Develops Food Micro-Organism Film Medium and Count System

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has developed a high precision counter system designed to facilitate more convenient measurement of food micro-organisms in a timely manner. The new count system has been developed in answer to the increased volume and frequency of food checks at food and beverage manufacturers and their contractors, in line with heightened consumer awareness of food safety and security.

Pre-adjusted mediums are convenient to handle and can be used immediately

Colonies are easy to see, and easy to count

DNP Colony Count System leverages in-house image analysis technology


The Company has leveraged converting technology, positioned as a core DNP technology as a printing company, to develop this latest film medium. And as a result, it is now possible to conduct surer, more efficient and easier-to-handle testing operations compared to existing agar mediums. Also, in addition to the three grades of counter marketed at present, including that used for common bacteria counts, DNP is currently developing a counter mechanism for use with staphylococcus aureus.
DNP has also capitalized on image analysis technology developed over many years, and has developed a high-precision counting system. By doing so, DNP has successfully achieved the standardization of counting tasks, and managed to omit counting errors by individual operators.
Looking ahead, by fusing our core printing and information technologies, in addition to the packaging materials targeting foods, DNP will also look to leverage its comprehensive strengths to make a social contribution by answering the rising needs for counting devices in the agricultural and healthcare areas.