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DNP Develops Incombustible Decorative Film to Promote Fire Safety in the Home

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has developed an augmented incombustible decorative paneling in answer to needs for safer materials for use in facilities for the elderly, such as special nursing homes and private nursing homes, along with hospitals, large scale retail outlets and public facilities.
In particular, from the standpoint of fire prevention, we have recently seen increased demand for incombustible interior materials.
The incombustible features of the newly developed paneling have been augmented via the use of a volcanic silicate fiber reinforced multi-layer board. The panel is an environmentally-friendly product based on unique DNP coating technology printed with an aesthetic woody grain on an olefin resin film.
In addition to the enhanced safety and environmental features, the new paneling is 120cm in width, which is broader than standard 90cm products. As a result, it is easier for wheelchairs to pass through portals using the new paneling, making it suitable for use with sliding doors at facilities for the elderly and at hospitals.
DNP will continue to engage in a variety of efforts targeting the realization of Safe and Enriched Living Spaces that form the basis of the Smart Society, even while satisfying demands for personal space in a modern society with increasingly diversified values.