DNP Features

This section features behind-the-scene reports
on the endeavors of Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
to make product-related breakthroughs in its business domains,
which cover information and communication,
lifestyle and industrial supplies, and electronics.

  • Vol.17

    Prudent developer of stylish yet eco-friendly PET bottle now on sales promotion mission

  • Vol.16

    DNP helping corporations improve brand power abroad with manga

  • Vol.15

    Gregarious engineer helps give EV parts business an edge

  • Vol.14

    DNP intrapreneur aiming to tackle social issues with personal data circulation

  • Vol.13

    Developer spearheading sales of cutting-edge containers providing cool solutions in logistics

  • Vol.12

    Developing a patterning substrate that generates gut organoids from human pluripotent stem cells

  • Vol.11

    Multitalented researcher tackling challenges in the world of microorganisms

  • Vol.10

    Making a breakthrough from an unintended trial product

  • Vol.9

    Denshobi project preserving centuries-old Japanese artwork

  • Vol.8

    Overcoming a setback to excel in liquid crystal coating

  • Vol.7

    Fascination with "eco-friendly" grain pattern prints

  • Vol.6

    Security the top priority for IoT businesses

  • Vol.5

    ‘Practical’ chemist hits upon packaging innovation

  • Vol.4

    Seeking out new dimensions in hologram technology

  • Vol.3

    Casting light on the world's first commercial Lippmann holograms

  • Vol.2

    Embracing a future-focused "contactless" business

  • Vol.1

    Smart-card troubleshooter envisions high-tech solutions, superior products