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DNP Develops Hands-free UHF Band IC Tag Card

Facilitates Easier Gateway Controls


Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has developed a UHF band IC tag card that overcomes the problem of lower communication sensitivity due to the moisture, such as perspiration, excreted by the human body.

The communication distance of a UHF band IC tag card is comparably longer than other IC tag formats, such as LF and HF bandwidths, and can be used in a variety of gateway control situations for humans and/or automobiles. And as it is possible to maintain a good communications environment even when the newly developed tag card remains inserted in a pocket, it has been possible to achieve major improvements in user convenience, including hands-free use.

The new product will be marketed from October 2011.

[Developmental Background]

In line with the spread of IC tags, there has been an expansion in the range of use of long communication distance UHF band IC tags, including staying abreast of records related to children going to and form school, detecting the presence of those entering and leaving old people's homes and gateway controls for humans and automobiles at companies. However, the communication sensitivity of UHF band waves has the tendency to decline when it comes into contact with moisture excreted by the human body. As a result, there have been challenges, for example, communication distance being shorter than usual as a result of this moisture when using UHF band IC tag cards that remain inserted in a pocket, and lower readability at readers.

DNP has once again risen to the challenge, and by creating an IC tag structure where the UHF band waves are not adversely impacted by moisture, and devising an antenna format, it has been possible to develop a UHF band IC tag card that maintains a good communications environment with no adverse impact from moisture even when the card is closely attached to the human body. As a result, it is no longer necessary to wave the UHF band IC tag card over a reader when entering and leaving offices or factories, and the IC tag card can even be used whilst inserted in the holder's pocket, for instance, when both hands are taken up with bags or packages.

[Product Overview]

UHF band frequency: 950MHz

Communications distance: 1.0m~3.0 m (dependant on how the card is carried, such as in a pocket etc.)


500 yen per unit on a 5,000 unit lot (price does not include relevant taxes).

Estimates provided on an individual basis.

[Forward Looking Events]

Apart from gateway control systems for educational institutions, medical institutions, and factories, DNP will market this new product to system integrator operators handling security systems, and forecasts sales of approximately 500 million yen in fiscal year 2012.

The newly developed product will also be on display at the DNP booth at the Auto ID Expo 2011 to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from August 31 to September 2.


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