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DNP Expands e-flyer Functions

Launches Shopping-link Flyer


Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) is pleased to announce the launch of as a new function for currently available e-flyer services. Shopping-link Flyer is a service that allows for the easy purchase of products by clicking on product images listed on flyers which automatically form links to internet shopping sites.

Our first client for this new service is Toei Co., Ltd., a company that operates in-store sales, internet supermarkets and home delivery services. The service began September 15.


In recent years there has not only been the distribution of flyers as newspaper inserts, but we have also seen a steady expansion in e-flyers that can be viewed via the internet. E-flyers can be described as highly convenient based on the fact that consumers can browse product information on computers or mobile phones regardless of time or place. When it comes to actually purchasing the product, however, it has been necessary to make the time to visit the store or access the e-commerce site and search for the product.

DNP operates an ASP service that makes use of newspaper inserts to create e-flyers. The Company has increased the convenience to the consumer by improving functions to allow for the easy viewing of e-flyers in any desired region or area, merely by inserting the postal code. DNP has now further enhanced the functions of this service, by launching Shopping-link Flyer, a service that allows for the easy purchase of products by clicking on product images listed on flyers which automatically form links to internet shopping sites.

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[Service Features]

Shopping-link Flyer is based on a mechanism that takes the location information listed in the e-flyer and uses uniquely developed DNP technology to form an automatic link with the URL of the e-commerce site marketing the product. Shopping-link Flyer also guides the consumer directly from the e-flyer to the purchase screen.

[Merits to the Consumer]

Shopping-link Flyer makes it possible to move to the purchase screen without any stress, and purchase the desired product merely by clicking on the product image in the e-flyer.

[Merits to the Company]

Shopping-link Flyer helps rejuvenate existing e-commerce sites, as it is possible to take printed data, such as newspaper inserts, and transform them into e-flyers, which can then be used as induction media for internet supermarket e-commerce sites. And as consumers can make use of the new service, merely by clicking on the product image, there are also expectations that the new service will heighten the sales promotion effect leading to expanded marketing opportunities and improved product purchase repeat rates.

Apart from supporting the construction and operation of corporate e-commerce sites, DNP will also actively promote various sales campaign plans.

[Regarding the Adoption of the New Service by Toei]

Supermarket Toei is well established in Shobara City, Hiroshima Prefecture, and has been in the focus based on its unique locally based business model. Toei operates in an area where 40% of the population is over the age of 65, and as a result many of its customers are senior citizens, including some that receive home-based care, or senior citizens living alone. As a result, in 2010 Toei, in conjunction with Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. and Yamato System Development Co., Ltd., launched a service whereby customers order from a catalogue and receive home delivery of the purchased product. Toei also created an e-commerce site, and an internet supermarket service that accepts internet orders and makes deliveries. On this occasion, in addition to expanding their trade area, Toei has adopted Shopping-link Flyer as a shopping support measure designed to boost convenience to its customers, including senior citizens.

[Forward Looking Events]

Looking ahead, in addition to making proposals to companies that operate e-commerce sites, DNP will also develop highly convenient functions for consumers and companies, including links with loyalty point services. DNP aims for sales of 1.5 billion yen by the year ending March 31, 2015, including related operations such as the production of e-flyers.


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