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DNP Develops e-flyer Service for Smart Phones

Easy to Search for Stores While Out and About


Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has developed a new e-flyer browser service for smart phones.

Apart from the numerous functions in services already provided by DNP, the newly developed service includes functions that make use of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) designed to help shoppers search for the nearest store or e-flyer while they are actually out and about in shopping areas, along with the easiest route to desired destination. The newly developed service allows consumers to use highly convenient services available only on mobile devices.

The newly developed service application can be downloaded free of charge.

The download site for applications for Android TM mounted is as follows:

For applications for use with iPhones please go to the following site:


DNP launched an e-flyer service in 2001, which is now used at approximately 50,000 outlets to search and browse e-flyers. With existing services it is possible for consumers to search for a variety of stores, beginning with the closest supermarket, and including pharmacies, home centers and electric goods based mass merchandisers, as well as obtain the e-flyers issued by these businesses. The service is also linked to Twitter, and may also be used as a media linking consumers and stores, by methods that make it is possible to contribute and view word of mouth information about the stores searched out.

So far this service has been offered for computer use only, but in response to the rapid spread of smart phones in recent years, DNP has expanded the service by developing an e-flyer search application for mobile devices in order to boost consumer convenience and respond to the needs and desires of retailers issuing e-flyers.

[Service Features]

Store search and street guide functions

In addition to being able to confirm present location, search out nearby stores and view e-flyers issued by those stores with smart phones that use GPS functions, it is also possible to retrieve the easiest route to the store you wish to visit. Even in the event of a sudden change in shopping plans while already out and about, it is still possible to easily find specific stores. (Please see diagrams 2 and 3).

Favorites Function

Once having found a store, it is possible to register it in Favorites by hitting the record key. Once registered it is also possible to view the store page at any time in the future, with just a single click on the Favorites button. And by recording frequently visited stores, it is possible to obtain the latest information in a timely fashion, including notifications of sales or specific campaigns. (Please see diagrams 4 and 5).

Search history function

As instances of each store search are automatically recorded in the search history, it is also possible to obtain the information you need from the search history with just a single click.

[At left] Diagram 1; Top screen [Center] Diagram 2; Store search screen [At right] Diagram 3; Easiest route to store

[At left] Diagram 4; e-flyer from store page [At right] Diagram 5; Invitation to Favorites page

[Forward Looking Events]

DNP aims for sales of 1.5 billion yen by March 31, 2015, including related operations, such as the production of e-flyers.


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