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DNP Develops On-Demand Full-Color Sealed Postcard

Compatible with high variety low volume lots and Short lead time


Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) is pleased to announce the development of a sealed postcard, where client data and messages are printed in variable full color with the printed surface bonded to protect personal data.

In order to make this new development compatible with high variety small lot orders, the Company operates continual production from full-color on-demand printing through the folding process and perforation to achieve major reductions in lead time from receiving the manufacturing data to the mailing of the sealed postcards.


Consumer needs are diversifying and in recent years we have seen an increase in the number of companies looking to improve response rates to Direct Mail where the contents can be varied to match appeals based on gender, generation and interests. And as Direct Mail also includes personal data, there have been demands for specs with high level sealing features. As a result, in addition to the shift towards high variety low lot orders, we have also seen increased needs for hitch-free responses given that the processing stage is becoming more complicated.

By establishing a manufacturing line using full color ink jet printers, DNP has made it possible to develop sealed postcards that are compatible with these high variety small lot orders. So far, the Company has printed individual data, such as the consumer' s name and address along with recommended plans for each customer attribute or preference based design using a monochrome printer, after printing multiple patterns on an offset press. From this latest development the Company has taken the important step of performing continual processing. Ink jet printer gloss coated paper is used, and materials with low environmental burdens - using no organic solvents - are used in the bonding.

 [Overview of New Sealed Postcard]

The new sealed postcards are produced via the following processes under strict security controls;

  1. Editing and processing of text data received from client companies
  2. Continual printing of designs, data and messages that differ according to the consumer
  3. Application of the bonding materials, then bonding and/or processing to completion
  4. Forwarding

It is possible to produce the sealed postcard in the following 3 formats.

1. Z-fold type

Postcard size type that folds in a Z-format and can be opened from both sides.

2. A3 size type

Double fold type that reveals an A3 size surface when opened

3. Four fold envelope type

Fold into four to create an envelope sized surface

[Features of New Sealed Postcard]

  1. DNP has achieved 30 percent reductions in current lead time by increasing the efficiency of the printing and processing processes
  2. It has also been made possible to print the necessary number of units on an as needed basis, making it feasible to respond to high variety small lots at low prices.
  3. It is possible to choose from three formats in line with usage and objective, and DNP can also respond to demands for other formats, such as three fold envelope type.

[Forward Looking Developments]

DNP will market the newly developed sealed postcard to retailers, service business operators and the financial industry aiming for sales of JPY 1 billion over the next three years.


* Product price, specification and service content listed in this news release are current on the date of the announcement. This data may change without notice. We apologize for any inconvenience.