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DNP Launches Multimedia Compatible Digital Magazine Production Service

First campaign in conjunction with Enterbrain, Inc.


Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) and DNP Digitalcom Co., Ltd (DNP Digitalcom) a subsidiary of DNP engaged in the planning and production of digital media will launch a digital magazine production service using the next-generation language for web page production HTML5 to target smart phones and tablet terminals.

This new service will use digital magazine browser software jointly developed by DNP and DNP Digitalcom, which in addition to facilitating expressive productions and achieving a variety of functions, also makes it possible to take a single set of contents data and produce screen displays in the optimum format for a variety of mobile terminals.

Our first campaign will be the digital magazine "a manual for photos that will be the envy of your friends," produced in conjunction with Enterbrain, Inc. (Enterbrain), to be distributed to iPhone and iPad from December 8.


DNP has enhanced in-house systems for producing e-book contents from DTP data for a variety of media, including computers, mobile phones, smart phone and tablet terminals and e-book dedicated terminals, and supports e-book businesses at publishing companies. The Company was also an industry pioneer in 2010 with its fully fledged launch of digital magazine production.

Smart phones and tablet terminals are seeing an endless supply of new products, and with displays designed to match their screen size it is necessary to prepare matching contents data, which is one factor driving up costs. Faced with this challenge, DNP and DNP Digitalcom developed a new digital magazine browsing software with functions that make the software capable of achieving optimal displays on all types of terminal with just a single unit of contents data, and will launch a digital magazine production service based on the next generation language HTML 5.

[Features of Digital Magazine Produced for the New Browsing Software]

1. Compatible with multiple devices following just a single digital magazine production

Contents produced for the new browsing software can be displayed in an optimal format for all terminals, and as a result, there is no need to engage in multiple contents production for each different terminal. It is possible to provide an easy to see, and use digital magazine suitable for each terminal type, based on just one time contents production.

2. Easy to mount with rich contents such as video and audio

Beginning with simple animation and images that can be used on websites, it is now possible to include expressive productions using the next generation language HTML 5 in digital magazines. It also possible to mount such digital magazine functions as image enlargement, text size alteration, 360 degree revolving displays, pop ups and clippings.

3. Links with websites and internet services

As a result of the development of this new service it is also now possible to form links to special feature sites and ad sites from the pages of digital magazines, and create links to existing social network sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, create survey forms and forward the results to the server. It is also possible to convert data used on websites to digital magazines and take HTML used to produce digital magazines and convert this for website use.

[Introducing the Contents of "a Manual for Photos that will be the Envy of Your Friends"]

This is a manual from Mr. Arch, the guru of iPhone photos to help users take photographs that will be the envy of your friends and that are a joy to snap, along with how to select camera applications. Mr. Arch introduces unique photography techniques and processing applications that use a variety of effects. The contents also include exhaustive coverage regarding the use of each application.

By making use of the newly developed digital magazine browser software, and via an intuitive set of operations, it is also possible to understand which application to use for photographing, and which to process the resultant photos. We believe this to be a manual that will be useful from those who have just started using iPhones to those who are already using the iPhone on a daily basis.

[Distribution of "a Manual for Photos that will be the Envy of Your Friends" Application]

Title: "a manual for photos that will be the envy of your friends"

Distribution Start Date: December8, 2011

Price: JPY 250 (including tax)

Distributor: Enterbrain, Inc.

Distribution Terminal: iPhone 3GS/4, iPad, iPad 2

Sales Site: App StoreTM Categories: Photos/Videos

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[Forward Looking Developments]

DNP and DNP Digitalcom aim for sales of JPY 1 billion by the year ending March 31, 2015 from the digital magazine product support service using the new digital magazine browsing software.

Our two companies will enhance our hybrid production system designed as a one stop response to paper printed materials and digital publishing. We will also actively promote digital contents production, including magazines, and support the expansion of business at publishing companies as we move forward.


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