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DNP Develops ET Flyer, an Ad-Insert with a Clip free Reply Card

Improved consumer response rates at low costs


Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has developed a new ad-insert, known as the Easy to Take Flyer, or ET Flyer. The new style flyer comes with a bonded clip free reply card, and is designed to boost consumer response rates.

The newly developed ET Flyer  bonds together two printed B4 - 257 × 364mm - sheets that open up into a B3 size - 364 × 515 mm - and which also contain a reply card. It is possible to easily detach this reply card, and the use of a clip free format supports expectations of improved consumer response rates. As the reply card and flyer proper are produced side-by-side in a consistent printing to processing production format, in addition to achieving cost savings of 30 percent compared to similar flyer specifications produced via standard processes, it has also been possible to shorten the production period by 25 percent.

[Developmental Background]

Numerous companies and organizations now make broad based use of flyers that come with reply cards, and pamphlets, in answer to information requests and for campaign applications. Mainstream conventional formats include printing the reply cards in the corner of the flyer, requiring the consumer to cut them out with scissors, or by tearing along a perforated line. As a result, cutting out the reply card takes time, and been a factor working to lower consumer response rates. The increased burden to the issuing company, including instances of inconsistently sized reply card cut outs, which lowers the precision of machine read offs and/or item counting and identification, is also now being viewed as an issue. And in instances where the reply card is printed separately and attached to the flyer, increased costs and extended production periods can be expected, as the printing of the reply card and attachment of the flyer are separate processes, which hamper the dissemination of such flyers. There have been calls for flyers that come with more innovatively formed reply cards in order to boost the consumer appeal and subsequent response rates. Once again DNP has risen to the challenge and developed the ET Flyer, allowing for the inclusion of ample information on a reply card that is both clip free and easy to detach, and s also produced via an integrated production process that makes it possible to reduce costs and lead time.

[Features of the ET Flyer ]

Improved Consumer Response Rates

The clip free card is bonded so as to make it easier to detach, which works to boost response rates by removing the time needed for the consumer to cut the card out themselves. And as it is also possible to dictate the form and size of the reply card, it is also possible to improve the efficiency of recovery tasks.

Able to Pack in More Information

As the flyer is structured around the bonding together of two sheets of B4 paper, it is possible to mount the flyer with an array of information that can be read in a B3 format when opened. An improvement in viewing rates can also be expected as the ET Flyer  differs from conventional flyers, and makes the consumer want to open it. Apart from reply cards, it is also possible to attach other media, such as coupons, opening up the possibility of broad based developments covering many uses.

Cost Savings and Shorter Lead Times

As the ET Flyer  is produced on a single offset rotary press from printing to the attachment of the reply card, major cost savings and reductions in production period can be achieved compared to instances where the reply card is printed and attached via separate processes.

1, Ample information in a compact format. Bonded B4 size (above left)
2, Opens to a B3 size. Clip free bonded reply card remains (above right and lower left)
3, Easy to detach reply card (lower right)

[Costs and Sales Targets]


8 yen per unit in the case of 1 million unit lots of double-sided printing (4 colors on each face).

 * Appropriate taxes will be added. Design fees will be separately charged.

[Sales Targets]

Apart from catalogues sales and real estate, DNP will propose the ET Flyer   to companies and organizations that handle enquiries for materials and various applications with cards, such as educational institutions, insurance companies, financial institutions and manufacturers, aiming for sales of JPY 500 million by the year ending March 31, 2013.

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