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DNP Develops Brighter, Full-Color Lippmann Holograms With Improved Mass Productivity Capabilities

High design flexibility and security enable luxury brand protection


Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has developed a full-color Lippmann hologram, based on improved materials and production systems, offering both improved brightness and mass productivity capabilities.

The monochromatic (green) Lippmann hologram in current use has won praise for its high security. Lippmann holograms are currently used by more than 50 companies, in Japan and abroad, primarily for brand protection. Demand has grown in recent years not just for green monochromatic holograms, but for more visually appealing holograms that better match the images of the products to which they are affixed and that allow use of colors associated with corporate brands. In response, DNP has commercialized full-color Lippmann holograms for brand protection applications.

Thanks to higher diffraction efficiency of the materials, the new full-color Lippmann hologram developed by DNP boasts twice the peak brightness of earlier holograms. DNP has addressed manufacturing productivity by automating manufacturing facilities and deploying various labor-saving technologies, thereby cutting manufacturing costs by roughly half. The higher design flexibility and lower cost of the new technology allow DNP to offer full-color Lippmann holograms for a wider range of applications, including character licensing labels and luxury brand protection.

[Features of the full-color Lippmann hologram]

A Lippmann hologram is manufactured by forming a holographic interference pattern with varying refractive index on a film coated with a special polymer. The three-dimensional holographic images are reproduced by the diffraction of illumination light at the interference pattern recorded in the hologram. The Lippmann hologram offers superb three-dimensional effects and rich depth feeling. Its high design flexibility and security performance have won high marks around the world.

Full-color Lippmann holograms are based on special materials that react to red, green, and blue lasers. These three primary colors are combined to reproduce full-color images. This full-color capability results in more realistic three-dimensional images than conventional monochromatic Lippmann holograms.

1. Advanced security performance

The full-color Lippmann hologram can create more realistic three-dimensional images for stronger security against counterfeiting. Since the manufacture of Lippmann holograms requires special materials and manufacturing processes, only a handful of companies anywhere in the world - DNP among them - are capable of mass-producing these holograms. This makes counterfeiting extremely difficult.

2. High design flexibility and imaging versatility

  1. Multiple three-dimensional images can be reproduced at the same position on the hologram, which are switched by changing viewing angle vertically or horizontally.
  2. Conventionally, the security design elements such as micro texts and guilloche patterns were two-dimensional. The full-color Lippmann hologram developed by DNP can record these design elements as three-dimensional holographic images, improving security against counterfeiting. Authenticity can be confirmed by inspecting these holographic images with a magnifying glass.
  3. Directing a laser beam onto the designated area of the hologram and directing the reflected beam toward the window of a special device makes it possible to view characters or images in the holographic image that would otherwise be invisible. This feature can also be used to confirm authenticity.
  4. Selective use of the materials for full-color holograms makes it possible to create monochromatic holograms in red or blue, as well as green.

[Future prospects]

DNP plans to offer full-color Lippmann holograms for use on products that require advanced security measures. Examples include merchandise based on licensed characters and high-end, high-fashion brand products. The high design flexibility and security of full-color Lippmann holograms make them ideal for license labels and brand protection. DNP anticipates sales of approximately 500 million yen by fiscal 2015.

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