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DNP Develops a Black Premium IC Card with Embedded Lippmann Hologram

Adopted by The Kyushu Cards Co., Ltd. and awarded Visa Best Card Design


Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has developed a premium IC card combining a black base material and the advanced security performance offered by Lippmann holograms.1 Adopted as "VISA Platinum Card" by The Kyushu Cards Co., Ltd., the design has been recognized as the Visa Best Card Design2 for its unique design and advanced security performance.

[Development Background]

Credit card companies in recent years have begun offering platinum or other premium status cards that provide special premium services to prime cardholders who are frequent and high-spending users. These cards often have designs based in black to create the impression of sophistication and exceptional status. However, the conventional base materials for IC cards have been white, and the underlying color has always been visible at the sides of the cards and around the IC chip. Now, DNP has created an IC card based exclusively on black base materials. These cards feature Lippmann holograms that produce superior 3-D images, sandwiched between the multiple layers that make up a single card, resulting in an IC card offering advanced security in a sophisticated design package.

[Black-Based Lippmann Hologram Card: Overview and Features]

  1. Adopting a black base material makes it possible to design a card that's virtually black, including the sides of the cards and the areas around the IC chip, thereby reinforcing the sophisticated look of the black cards provided for premium members. To enhance this upscale impression, we placed a large Lippmann hologram at the center of the card. This extremely bright hologram shows a highly realistic 3-D image, which could have flipping effect depending on the angle of view.
  2. By improving the hologram materials and card manufacturing process, we managed to provide more latitude in size and positioning of the hologram. The sandwich structure in which the holograms are inserted between the layers forming the cards raises the durability of the holograms and strengthens the anticounterfeiting performance.
  3. This product makes it possible to embed not just contact IC chips, but the noncontact IC chips often used for electronic cash applications.

[Future Events]

DNP will provide new developed premium IC card combining a black base material offered by Lippmann holograms for the financial industry, including credit-card companies, and other variety of industries issuing the membership cards, aiming for sales of three hundred million yen by fiscal 2013.

1 Lippmann holograms: The surface of a film is coated with a special polymer layer, in which changes in the refractive index produce interference patterns. When light is projected onto these interference patterns, holographic images are reproduced via the diffraction phenomenon. Lippmann holograms offer a superior full-parallax threedimensional effect in both horizontal and vertical directions with a realistic sense of depth, making it possible to create close renditions of real-life objects. Lippmann holograms use special materials and manufacturing processes, making them extremely difficult to counterfeit. Lippmann holograms have developed a global reputation for security performance due in part to their ability to accurately render specific design attributes, as they enable designs incorporating a realistic sense of depth and fullparallax effect.
2 Best Card Design award by Visa International: To recognize uniqueness, originality, and innovativeness in the design of newly issued cards, Visa International selects a card each month on which it confers the Best Card Design award. The VISA Platinum card for The Kyushu Cards has been awarded the August 2011 Best Card Design for the regions of Asia-Pacific, Central Europe, Middle East, and Africa.
* The Kyushu Cards Co., Ltd.
Representative: Kiyoshi Koishihara
Paid-in capital: JPY100 million
Location: Fukuoka, Japan
* Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP)
Representative: Yoshitoshi Kitajima
Paid-in capital: JPY114.4 billion
Location: Tokyo, Japan
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