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DNP Reorganizes Total Solutions Creative Organization

Integrates 3 existing operation departments as Information Solutions Operations


Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) is pleased to announce that as of October 1, 2012 the company has integrated Information Communications Operations, IPS Operations and CBS Operations into a newly created organization to be known as Information Solutions Operations. This reorganization has been implemented with a view to enhancing customer facing capabilities and competitiveness of the information communications sector.  

[Background and Objective]

The printing and network related information communications business has seen major shifts in operating climate amidst a changing business environment that includes alterations in social and consumer sense of values, and this has led to a diversification in the products and services. In particular, competition is becoming increasingly severe between IT service companies and software development companies. In order to win out in this competition it has become important to offer solutions taking full advantage of the strengths of DNP. The decision to integrate these three in-house divisions has been taken from the standpoint of creating a system capable of offering solutions that more fully answer the dictates of client needs. We are confident this can be achieved by reaping further depth from the expertise developed over many years by each corporate division and forming broader lateral links between each area of expertise.  

[Business Contents of Existing 3 Operation Departments]

Information Communications Operations provide products and services that facilitate more effective corporate sales promotions targeting mainly manufacturers and retailers. This includes not only the printing of flyers and catalogues, but taking that printed data and using it to promote Cross Media Communication Operations that distribute information to websites for computers, mobile phones and smartphones, along with digital signage.

IPS Operations provide the highest level security base in the industry for products and services related to mission critical information at companies and personal consumer data, such as the variable printing offered by information processing services for IC cards and account statements mainly for financial institutions. IPS Operations also offers business outsourcing services, such as account statement and card personalization related data processing, personal data printing and the inserting and sealing of mail and shipping of the same.

CBS Operations offer products and services supporting security and operational efficiency mainly of systems equipment for card personalization machines, holograms, IC tags and digital pens.

[Information Solutions Operations' Strategy]

More sophisticated and accurate information is now required of companies in order to respond to the speed of social changes and diversification of consumer value systems. This is something that does not stop with business process and communication activities. Points of contact with a broad array of information, such as communication between society and consumers, and mutual communication between consumers, is deeply involved with the creation of value chains. As a partner with our client companies, DNP globally developed suitable solutions to various information related challenges, and has successfully optimized value to the client.

1.  Creation of highly unique information solutions

The new operations center takes advantage of the existing client base, and combines products and services on a mutual basis to provide highly unique, more effective solutions. By fusing together the technological and developmental capabilities nurtured in the areas of expertise of each operational area, DNP will be in a position to develop new solutions that go further to meet the needs of the client.

2.  Enhancing personal marketing

DNP will rejuvenate communications with companies and consumers carried out through a wide variety of communication channels, such as websites and on an in-store basis. In particular, DNP aims for the optimization of communications media via the synergistic effect from the know-how held by each operations center in the area of direct information exchanges between individual consumers, an area that is expected to see growth. DNP will promote the development of goods and services designed to support each client's personal business development, via such actions as the fusing together of promotional media and data print services.

3.  Strengthening BPO services

DNP will strengthen Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) responses that are seeing increased needs at our client companies. DNP will create client merits by offering outsourcing services and boosting the efficiency of business processes. DNP has developed business mainly in the areas of financial institution business center operations, customer centers and campaign organization operations, but as a result of integrating operational centers aims to expand the client base by exploiting the strength of each operational center, and enhancing the services provided.

4.  Regarding organizational systems

DNP will maintain the existing set up of operational and production bases mainly in the areas around Tokyo and Osaka, but will appoint a company officer with overall control for each planning and development division responsible for creating new solutions, and adopt a system for promoting cooperation between the various divisions. DNP will also push ahead with the integration of each company planning division and the creation of synergies from those organizations tasked with coming up an overall vision for the new operational center, growth strategies and M&A plans. DNP will also look to rationalize indirect divisions, reallocating staff in areas where there is a duplication of job roles and responsibilities.

[Overview of Information Solutions Operations]


Enokicho 7, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Namba SS Building, Minami Horie 1-17-28, Nishi-ku,Osaka-shi, Osaka

Number of employees

Approximately 6,500

Manufacturing bases


Enokicho(Tokyo), Akabane (Tokyo), Oji (Tokyo), Kamiya (Tokyo), Azusawa (Tokyo), Takashimadaira (Tokyo), Warabi (Saitama), Ushiku (Ibaraki), Nara (Nara), Ono (Hyogo)

 [Future Developments]

In addition to pursuing the development of solutions leading to the solving of overall workflow challenges at our clients, DNP will cooperate with Nihon Unisys, Ltd. whom the company has entered into a business alliance, and aims to use cloud based IT services to develop and deliver solutions linked to core client systems.  


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