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DNP Develops Surface Cover Sheet to Prevent Damage to Touch Panels

Super-Hard, Light Replacement for Cover Glass


Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has developed a super-hard surface cover sheet as a replacement for the cover glass that prevents damage to touch panels used with smartphones and tablet terminals. The Company plans to commence mass-production in the first half of 2103.

Developmental Backdrop

Tempered glass has so far mainly been used as the surface cover that preventing damage to touch panel surfaces. However, there have been calls for the development of a more resilient surface cover given the potential for breakage of the cover glass if it is dropped. And it is in answer to such needs that DNP has developed a super-hard plastic sheet with a pencil hardness (*) equivalent to 9H. The newly developed plastic sheet is flexible as well as being super-hard, and as a result, can be easily configured into a variety of shapes. This will not only help it stay abreast of the diversification seen in smartphones and tablet terminals, but also allow it to be applied in the area of flexible displays, such as organic EL.

* Pencil hardness: A scratching damage assessment based on JIS K5600-5-4, measuring the hardness of the coating or film expressed as the hardness of the lead.

Product Features

The newly developed product is formed using hard-coating materials with an anti-fingerprint hard-coating on the surface of the plastic sheet substrate, and a printable hard-coating material on the rear. On this occasion, DNP has successfully achieved compatibility between the two otherwise conflicting qualities of super-hardness and flexibility via the development of a unique hard-coating material. The thickness of the newly developed sheet can be adjusted from 0.5mm to 1.5mm depending on usage requirements.

The major features are as follows:

  • As the newly developed product is made of plastic, it maintains superior endurance when dropped etc., compared to glass.
  • Super-hard plastic sheet with a pencil hardness equivalent to 9H, strong enough to prevent scratching of touch-panel surfaces and damage to touch sensors.
  • Highly flexible, with superior workability, such as cutting and punching.
  • Light, with a weight of approximately half that of glass.
  • Suitable for use with flexible displays such as organic EL.

Major Specifications




Mechanical strength

Pencil hardness



Scratch resistance

Steel wool test




Mandrel bend test

1.0mm thickness : 140mm diameter

0.5mm thickness  90mm diameter

Optical characteristics

Transmission factor



Haze factor


Contact angle

(anti-fingerprinting features)


103 degrees



56 degrees

Forward Looking Events

DNP plans to provide samples from December 2012, aiming for sales of JPY 10.0 Bln in the year ending March 31, 2015.

* Product price, specification and service content listed in this news release are current on the date of the announcement. This data may change without notice. We apologize for any inconvenience.