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DNP to Establish Dye Sublimation Photo Media Plant in Malaysia

In response to global digital print demand and to develop Southeast Asian market


Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) will establish a new plant in the state of Johor in Malaysia for the production of dye sublimation thermal transfer media used for photo printing. The new plant is scheduled for completion in September 2013 based on an investment of 5.0 billion yen (approximately $55 million). DNP IMS MALAYSIA SDN. BHD. was established in July 2012 as the operating subsidiary for the new manufacturing plant.  

[Backdrop for the New Plant]

DNP launched the manufacturing and marketing of dye sublimation media in the late 1980s. DNP operates its photo print business on a global scale using facilities in Japan, Europe and the U.S. The demand for dry digital photo prints is expanding worldwide in line with the growth of digital cameras and smart phones. The emerging nations of Southeast Asia are seeing increased demand for digital photo print, with ID Photo needs also experiencing a marked increase. In order to capitalize on these developments, DNP has decided to build a new dye sublimation media manufacturing plant in Malaysia, and will actively expand operations in Southeast Asia.

[Dye sublimation thermal transfer technology]

Dye sublimation thermal transfer media is used when printing digital images in a thermal transfer print technology. The media set is composed of an ink ribbon (yellow, magenta, cyan and a transparent overcoat layer) and a dedicated receiver paper. The dye from the ink ribbon is transferred to the receiver paper to match the intensity of the image making it possible to create high-quality photos prints, with smooth gradations, similar to silver halide photography. Dye sublimation prints are highly durable, economical and can be quickly produced.  Expanded use is foreseen mainly in the areas of commercial photo printing such as photo print kiosk terminals, dry minilabs and ID photos.

[Overview of the New Plant]

The state of Johor in Malaysia, where the new plant is to be established, is located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula bordering Singapore, and is equipped with a port capable of serving as a logistics hub for the countries of Southeast Asia. In June 2012, DNP established DNP Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. in Singapore to oversee the Asian region, and this new company has pushed ahead with research activities, including market research targeting business expansion in the region. The new dye sublimation media supplies plant has been established as part of these activities, and will work to expand the photo print business.

Operating company Name


Paid-in capital

119 Malaysian Ringgits (DNP 100 % as of January 31, 2013)


Pasir Gudang Industrial Area, Pasir Gudang, Johor, Malaysia

Total site area

Approximately 44,000 m2

Total construction area

Approximately 9,000 m2

Total floor area

Approximately 11,000 m2

Construction commencement

February 2013

Construction completion

September 2013

Total investment

Approximately 5.0 billion yen

Number of employees

Approximately 130

Production capacity

Approximately 6 million m2/month

[Future Developments]

The new company aims for sales of 4.0 billion yen (approximately $44 million) in the fiscal year of 2016.


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