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Dai Nippon Printing Introduces Two New Types of Hologram for Colorful Designs

Freedom in expression of background colors


Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has developed a Lippmann hologram and embossed hologram that offer users colorful design choices, set to launch full-scale marketing efforts for the new holograms.

The product enables DNP to offer a wide selection of background colors for Lippmann holograms and surface colors for embossed holograms, allowing users to select company colors or holograms that better suit product packaging. Conventionally used for anti-counterfeiting and security purposes and offering limited expressive latitude to date, these holograms offer dramatically expanded options for color and artistic expression.

[Development Background]

Holograms are widely incorporated into product packaging for anti-counterfeiting and security purposes. Given the focus on maximum visibility, silver and black have been the preferred colors for the background and surface, resulting in nondescript holograms of modest or minimal visual appeal. In recent years, users have begun asking for holograms that will also enhance the visual appeal of product packaging and brand image labels.

In response, DNP has developed a Lippmann hologram and embossed hologram that offer a wide range of color options. The new products allow users to alter the colors of existing hologram designs to achieve colorful designs at minimal cost. In addition to providing the option of superior and colorful designs, the new holograms allow users to select different colors to represent products, regions, or production lots or to facilitate product identification. With growing numbers of users adopting the product, DNP now plans to launch.

[Features of the Newly Developed Lippmann Hologram]

Most of the Lippmann holograms currently available use black films in the background to improve visibility. Colors other than black require a special substrate, which translates into higher costs. Through materials development and changes in production processes, DNP has addressed this problem to achieve Lippmann color holograms suitable for mass production. In place of conventional black film, these holograms use paper and films offering broad latitude in both design and color aspects. This new approach makes it possible to produce low-cost color holograms. By combining sophisticated designs with a range of different background colors, users can now produce holograms of striking visual appeal.

  • Example of application of new Lippmann hologram

Brand protection labels feature corporate colors as the background color scheme and corporate logos imaged with Lippmann holograms.

[Features of the Newly Developed Embossed Holograms]

With the goal of producing highly visible embossed holograms, silver has been the color of choice for hologram substrates. By mixing color materials directly into the hologram recording layer, DNP can now produce embossed holograms in a wide range of colors.

  • Example of application of newly-designed embossed hologram

Tickets to events with different colors offer both visual appeal and enhanced anti-counterfeiting traits.

[Future Prospects]

DNP plans to market the newly developed color holograms for applications ranging from tickets to apparel product tags, pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging, and license seals, with projected sales of approximately 1 billion yen over the next three years.

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