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DNP Launches Crowd Funding Based Publishing Planning Support System

Offer one-stop support for print-manufacturing, distribution and sales


Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd (DNP) and OneMore Inc. (OneMore) are pleased to announce the December 5 launch of a support service for new publishing planning that uses the Mirai Books Fund*1, a site specializing in publishing, settled in a mall-type crowd funding site Green Funding, operated by OneMore.

By bringing together OneMore, a company that offers crowd funding related solutions, with DNP that prints and produces a variety of publications in both hard copy and digital format, and a major publishing agency, the companies are in a position to offer a one-stop solution from the project planning stage through fund raising and consultation on printing logistics, to processes including production and manufacturing that companies, beginning with publishers, need to realize their new publishing plans, or projects.

In the inaugural project to launch this service, publishing planning support will be offered to Lancers Inc., a company that operates one of the largest crowd sourcing services in Japan, for a Mook - a magazine type book - and the Japanese translation of a Korean novel, street cat MAM.

*Crowd Funding
Crowd Funding is an internet based structure that support the general public with projects, objectives or aspirations, by providing the necessary funds for their activities and cooperation. Crowd Funding comes in three types, namely, investment-oriented funds that obtain a monetary return, contribution-oriented funds that do not demand a return, and purchase-oriented funds that obtain goods and services other than monies.

[Support Service Features]

The Mirai Books Fund is a crowd funding site specializing in the realization of publishing plans. Would-be publishers list details of the topic and story of the material for publication with the amount of funding required, the subscription period, along with the return to the supporters, and attempt to recruit support via a purchase-oriented fund. In cases where the necessary amount of funding is successfully accumulated during the subscription period, in addition to printing books, etc., the publisher also offers the requisite return to its supporters.

By participating in the production of printed materials through such support, consumers and publishers can boost their communication, leading to stronger relationships. For example, in cases of projects such as printing limited editions for core fans, and publishing first time writers, it is possible to offer enticing returns, such as producing copies of books with the name of the supporters in an on-demand format or producing limited figures and characters via 3D printers. As a result, it is possible to not only secure production funding, but also ensure that the voice of the consumer is reflected in the planning of printed material, and sales of the same.

The publisher can also establish a point of contact with consumers from the planning stage by using websites and SNS, thereby fueling expectations of a pre-promotion effect, at the same time as reducing publishing risk.  

[Roles and Responsibilities]

OneMore will be responsible for the operation of the Mirai Books Fund, for project drafting support, operating the system along with support fund receiving agent operations. DNP will be responsible for planning returns to the supporters, and will support the production of various publishing materials. DNP will also cooperate with a publishing agency and will be in a position to offer support relating to consulting on publishing distribution matters and in-store sales.

[First Publishing Project]

The first part of the project that launches this service involves a publishing project for a book that extensively introduces freelance activities, for those with skills who choose not to work for specific companies. The book will be published by Lancers Inc., a company that operates a crowd sourcing service, and will be produced from the unique perspective of Lancers Inc. that is looking to support freelancers.*2

Project period

December 5, 2013 -January 23, 2014

Target fund amount

3.0 million yen (Contributions from 500 yen)

Examples of returns on outlay

Listing of ads in completed book, invitation to participate in book launch party, collaborative project with specific companies.

The second part of the project involves a project to create a Japanese translation of a popular Korean novel. The Japanese title translates as street cat MAM (written by Hwang Insuk) and the crowd funding based project was proposed as way of spreading the word about the world of Korean literature, which is not yet widely known*3.

Project period

December 5, 2013 -February 14, 2014

Target fund amount

500,000 yen (Contributions from 1,000 yen)

Examples of returns on outlay

Completed book delivered to contributors ahead of the official launch, e-book version of completed book, listing of the contributor?s names in the production notes (colophon), tours of Korean publishing cities and more.

[Looking Ahead]

DNP and OneMore will support the creation of a variety of publishing materials through the Mirai Books Fund, aiming to rejuvenate the publishing market. We aim to bring 100 projects to realization by the year ending March 31, 2016.

Our two companies will also support new projects from a broad variety of industries in the future.

*1: For further information please go to (This site is available only in Japanese)
*2: For further details of the project please go to, (This site is available only in Japanese)
*3: For further details of the project please go to, (This site is available only in Japanese)


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