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DNP Launches honto for Nintendo 3DS

Distributes children's books to portable game console


Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd (DNP) is pleased to announce the December 11 launch of honto for Nintendo 3DSTM, an e-book service aimed at children using Nintendo 3DSTM, the portable game console, from Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Nintendo) as the subscriber terminal.

[Background to the New Service Launch]

At present, the e-book market, maintains just a small line-up of children's books at e-book stores, based on the fact that there are only a limited number of publishing companies exist that produce e-books for children. This in turn is due to the fact that the pre-school children, primary and junior high school children that are the major purchasers of children's books account for only a small share of the terminals used to purchase e-books, such as smart phones and tablet terminals.

DNP has launched this new e-book service specializing in children's books in order to create opportunities for children to come into contact with e-books adopting the Nintendo 3DSTM portable game console as their reader, which sees heavy use from children, as the subscriber terminal.

[Service Features]

This new service offers children the chance to purchase e-books using the game consoles that they are familiar with, at their leisure, and as a result, creates opportunities for children to deepen their interest in books. The new service specializes in offering a line-up of children's books from a broad-based, age appropriate, genre. It includes global and Japanese domestic masterpieces that have been read by succeeding generations, fantasies, adventures and inspiring books, along with picture books. Payment can be made at Nintendo e-store specializing in children's books using a Nintendo pre-paid card, allowing children and their guardians to search for and purchase e-books in a worry-free manner, and enjoy books together.  

[How to Use the New Service]

Activate the Nintendo e-shop from the Nintendo 3DSTM home menu, and download the e-book shop software, honto for Nintendo 3DSTM. The software download is free of charge.

By downloading the e-book catalogue for children's books and picture books from this software, it is possible to search for and purchase books. Books purchased at the store can be "placed" on a virtual bookshelf, removed and read at will.

* downloads require an internet connection

[Tax-Inclusive Costs]

Prices are from 100 yen to approximately 1,000 yen per e-book title.

[Looking Ahead]

The service has been initially launched with a line-up of about 200 books titles, but will be increased on an ongoing basis, to include educational comics etc., targeting a selection of approximately 1,000 titles a year from now. DNP aims for accumulative sales of 1.0 billion yen over the next 3-years.  


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