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DNP Promotes Educational ICT Activities Using Digital Texts and Materials

Launches empirical research using tablet terminals


Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) is promoting Information and Communication Technology (ICT) use in school education activities, based on digital texts and materials systems.

As part of these activities, on June 20 and 21, 2013, the Company carried out empirical research at the Asahikawa Elementary School, which is affiliated with Hokkaido University of Education, and followed this up with similar activities at the Koga Municipal No. 5 Elementary School in Ibaraki Prefecture. Through these experiments, DNP will identify challenges to the digital texts and teaching materials systems that it has developed, aiming for timely commercialization.

[Background to Empirical Research]

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sorts, Science and Technology (MEXT) is aiming for the Realization of school education fit for the 21st century, and has announced the Vision for ICT in Education*, an integrated promotion measure related to introducing ICT in elementary and junior high school education. We are seeing increased moves to introduce electronic blackboards, tablet terminals, digital texts and teaching materials. And DNP is taking advantage of the rich know how it has developed through the planning and production of printed materials and digital contents, while also capitalizing on various ICT solutions to strengthen efforts to offer multilateral support to ICT use in school education.

DNP produces the necessary contents and optimum viewer for digitalized texts and teaching materials used in collective, collaborative or individual learning settings. The company also created an ICT base that make effectively use of learning history, has tested usability and functionality, and in October, 2013 commenced the identification of issues and challenges. In addition to achieving smoother communication between teachers and children, between teachers, and between pupils, the Company will also develop the tools and infrastructure for promoting the understanding of learning issues, and enhancing the motivation to learn, and plans to offer multilateral support to improving lectures, and learning effects.

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[Overview of Empirical Research]

DNP will create and provide ICT, such as digital texts and teaching materials with a function for saving learning histories that can be used in a variety of learning scenes involving teachers and children (pupils), along with a distribution system. The Company will test the usability and functionality of the texts and teaching materials developed, and will identify the challenges.

At the same time, in addition to achieving smoother communication between teachers and children, between teachers, and also between the pupils, DNP will also develop digital texts and teaching materials designed to promote the understanding of learning, and enhance the motivation to learn, and plans to offer multilateral support to the educational worksite.

Empirical research involving digital texts and teaching materials

Empirical research carried out observation, surveys and interviews and log analysis of the following 3 areas, and will link this to the improvement and implementation of various measures.

1,  Testing the usability of digital texts and teaching materials

Operability issues in digital texts and teaching materials will be identified based on the behavior of a variety of users aiming to make improvements resulting in an interface that anyone can understand and is easy to use.

2,  Improving quality of digital text and teaching materials contents

Regarding usage methodologies for digital texts and teaching materials, apart from surveying usage scenes and usage frequency, observations, surveys and interviews will be used to comprehend children's level of interest and concern, and also of concentration on a contents basis. And by offering feedback of those results to publishing companies, support will be offered for the production of contents for digital texts and teaching materials that promote deeper interest and understanding.

3,  Maintaining and improving learning motivation

Based on pupil's comments and behavior during classes, it will be possible to comprehend changes in their activeness and collaborative attitude to learning, and gain a grasp of the degree of teaching performance. It will also be possible to comprehend learning progress and understanding levels from the state of answers to questions. And support will also be offered to improve the learning effect, such as analyzing learning trends and making them visible, along with consideration of the necessary measures for appropriate guidance in order to boost motivation.

[Empirical Research at Koga Municipal No. 5 Elementary School]


Koga Municipal No. 5 Elementary School, Yokoyama-cho, Koga City, Ibaraki Prefecture.


November 28, 2013 - March 31, 2014 (tentative)


Year 5 Social Studies


To conduct classes aimed at improved logical thinking ability via the utilization of video and a variety of other materials not available in hardcover texts, based on the use of tablet terminals distributed to one teacher and 19 children and an electronic blackboard.

Summary of digital texts used in classes

A class using digital texts and teaching material systems was held at an open class study group conducted at the Koga Municipal No. 5 Elementary School on November 28. The teaching unit of the class was The People who Sustain Industrial Production. The teacher presented digital text pages, and related images and video materials, on the electronic blackboard and shared them with the class. Following that the children used individually distributed tablet terminals to investigate the issues by reading tablet terminal based text pages and materials, and shared their opinions in a group, and by doing so engaged in activities to boost thinking power.

The digital texts and materials used in empirical research were an initiative of Kyoiku-Shuppan. Co., Ltd. The teacher explained the learning points in a comprehensive manner, by touching the materials on the terminal screen, expanding the images, and replaying the video. As a result, the teacher was able to promote the interest, concern and ability to concentrate of the pupils. And by touching the screen at the indicated spot, the children were able to mark and write in the important spots and share information, boosting their activeness and collaborative attitude to learning, and promoting developmental awareness. On this occasion, in line with class contents and objectives, classes were conducted that boosted logical thinking ability, making use of learning styles that employed digital texts and teaching materials along with analogue materials.

Looking ahead, empirical research will be conducted in an ongoing manner. Assessments will be made of the operability of digital texts and teaching materials, as well as functionality in a variety of usage situations and the validity of the contents.  

[Looking Ahead]

DNP will enhance cooperation with multiple text publishers, and will execute empirical research at several elementary schools, beginning with the Koga Municipal No. 5 Koga Elementary School, along with junior high and high schools, offering services and developing contents and systems in line with their respective attributes. The Company will also develop functions useful in making these contents, systems and services easier to use for teachers and pupils, along with a variety of functions that arouse interest, and promote improved understanding in line with the learning progress of each individual child.

From April 2014, DNP plans to offer digital texts and teaching material systems improved as a result of this empirical research to text publishers.


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