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DNP Media Create Launches Product Image Photo and Distribution BPO Service

Produces 4k display compatible high quality images in a timely manner


DNP Media Create Co., Ltd (DMC), a Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd (DNP) Group company engaged in the planning and production of commercial printing materials, has launched a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service capable of undertaking a total range of operations, from the photographing of high quality product images that can be deployed with printed materials and 4K displays on a cross media basis, to distribution. This service will be launched on January 6, 2014.

[Service Backdrop]

In response to the expansion in EC markets, we are seeing rising corporate needs to be able to generate product images en masse for display in catalogues and on e-commerce (EC) sites, with just a short lead time. In addition to reducing the complicated task of generating multiple data to match the different image formats of the various display media, companies also want to reduce the disparity in coloring between the different media. And with the impending spread of 4K displays that boast 4 times the resolution of HD, there are demands for electronic media images to be as high resolution and high quality as those of printed materials.

In order to reply to those needs, DMC has called upon the quality control technology developed through the production of images compatible with a variety of printed-material oriented media, and progress control know-how. The company has launched a BPO service capable of undertaking a total range of operations, from the photographing of high quality product images to distribution, and aims to support cross media operations at companies.

[Overview of the new BPO Service]

The new BPO service from DMC undertakes a full set of tasks from the photographing of products through the color correction and processing of image data, along with optimization, to match display media and the terminals used to the distribution and management of image data. Following an analysis of existing operational flow at the client company, an efficient operational process for the production of high quality product images is designed, based on production policies and also from the perspective of overall optimization. In addition to producing high quality images using DMC's unique photograph and quality control technology, an environment is also provided to enable efficient distribution to display media, while also performing the central control of image data in a cloud format.

1, Color Control that helps Create High Quality Images

At present, there are numerous instances of products being returned due to disparity in coloring, and/or difference in color between the actual delivered product, and the image as it appears in product catalogues. And as a result, improving color quality of EC site images has become a pressing challenge.

The new BPO service comes complete with a unique color management system that performs integrated control of the Red, Green and Blue (RGB) coloring for electronic media throughout the entire process from the generation of production of image data to distribution. As a result of using the optimal color management methodology for electronic media, it is possible to achieve high quality color expressions that fully capitalize on display media performance. It is also easy to confirm the color in the production process, facilitating improvements in color quality on EC sites. Color professionals, in the form of color coordinators, also support quality control.

2, Facilitates Timely Photographing of Product Images in Mass

By gathering together numerous products at a single photo location, it is possible to carry out more efficient photography via the automation of product conveyance. And in order to make the process even more efficient, it is now also possible to create photography and process bases within client manufacturing plants or warehouses. Apart from the person in charge on the client side being able to carry out photo image approval on a remote basis, a cloud environment based system using traceability functions is also provided that makes it possible to confirm and share photography-related progress updates, from the loading of the products through product data inputs to unloading on a real time basis.

3, Timely Image Retouching

In cases where multiple images of the same product, such as cuts using a model to hold or wear the product, or those shot using a stand, are displayed on EC sites or in catalogues, there have been instances of differences in color emerging due to the lighting etc. With the new BPO service, however, the modification of image brightness, color and contrast that were originally performed on a manual basis, are now automatically performed using a DMC original image processing system, making it possible to produce optimized images en masse with just a short lead time.  

4, Effective Image Distribution with Cloud

Images produced at the photography base are stored on the cloud based image distribution server. The person in charge on the client side and production executive for each display media can carry out image management, progress control of contents production, contents right management, and proofing operations on the image distribution server. This makes it possible to distribute images to business connections, such as distributors, and overseas bases.

With the new BPO service it is also possible to photograph not only still images, but also video, as well as produce CG, rich contents and interactive contents. And by combining these media, it is also possible to achieve a variety of production presentation styles. DMC can also arrange for the production of product scripts crafted by copywriters that are thoroughly familiar with developments in a variety of relevant industries.

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[Looking Ahead]

Cost estimates will be made on a case-by-case basis. DNP and DMC will offer the new BPO service to companies that operate EC sites and electronic catalogues, aiming for sales of 2.0 billion yen by the year ending March 31, 2015.


Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd
Head office: Tokyo
Company president: Mr. Yoshitoshi Kitajima
Paid-in capital: 144.4 billion yen
DNP Media Create Co., Ltd.
Head office: Tokyo
CEO: Mr. Minoru Yoshida
Paid-in capital: 100 million yen (100 percent from DNP)
* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.