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Louvre-DNP Museum Lab Creates Hands on Art Appreciation Space Using IC tag based Audio Guidance and Visual System


The Louvre Museum (the Louvre) and Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd. (DNP) are pleased to announce the creation of a space at the DNP Gotanda building in the Shinagawa district of Tokyo, which allows users the opportunity to experience the artifacts of the joint project "Louvre-DNP Museum Lab."
This joint project is a unique attempt to explore untested approaches to art appreciation, and along with plans for two exhibitions per year over a three year period, will make use of DNP?s information processing technology and cutting edge technology to provide a selection of relevant data. The first session will be held over the five month period between October 30 and March 10, 2007, featuring "Un Carabinier" ?The Master and his Horse ?by Théodore Géricault.
Participants will be able to take advantage of a guidance system based on voice streaming*1 which can be matched to the language preference of the user, and a system for distributing visual contents related to the artwork in question and its creator over specific time slots. Participants will be issued with a ticket mounted with a UHF IC tag*2 for reading off the preferred viewing method pre-registered by the participant, and a Personal Data Assistant (PDA.) By linking to these systems it will be possible for the participant to obtain the data in line with pre-registered preferences regarding the artwork and/or its creator. The academic portion of the contents developed for this initiative has been prepared under the supervision of the department of paintings of the Louvre, in particular chief curator, Sylvain Laveissière.

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*1 Voice streaming delivers and replicates voice data via the internet, performing replication while downloading the voice file.
*2 An IC tag is an electronic tag comprised of a microchip of less than 1 mm square containing recorded data and an antenna.

[ Overview of the Hands on Space ]
The art appreciation space is comprised of the following three areas.

  1. Exhibition room
    While being able to view Un Carabinier ?The Master and his Horse ?by Théodore Géricault, by touching the located transparent screen with the touch sensor, participants will also be able to obtain basic information related to the artwork.
  2. Information space ?Foyer
    This is an area where it is possible to obtain an array of more broadly based or specialist data about the artworks on display, including visuals delivered via a large display screen. Viewers will be able to take in detailed visual contents based on four basic themes related to the artworks on display, viewing them in entirety or in part based on their time preferences. The four themes are; "The creator and his artwork," "Théodore Géricault the artist," "The portrait of Un Carabinier ?The Master and his Horse," and "A variety of ways to view paintings.
  3. Theater
    The theater is equipped with a 180" ultra-high definition display*3 system, to facilitate viewing of high definition contents of the artwork on display, other works of art from the Louvre collection, as well as visuals of Théodore Géricault the artist.

*3 The ultra-high definition display is the first globally successful full high definition vision broadcast application for displaying still images of uncompressed contents data via a projector, known as a 4K, which is capable of displaying in excess of four times (4096 x 2160) the pixel count.

[ Overview of Viewing System ]

  • The viewer is issued with an IC tag ticket in line with pre-registered language preferences (Japanese, French or English,) desired length of viewing (15 minutes, 30 minutes or one hour,) and method of viewing (the choice of whether to use the interactive visual system,) and a PDA to receive voice streaming.
  • The PDA presents five viewing route patterns matching the desired length of viewing and method of viewing.
  • When participants touch the IC tag ticket to the IC tag reader attached to the visual system in the display room or data space, visual contents are displayed via an interactive control touch panel or automatic replication in line with the desired method of viewing.
  • It is possible for viewers who touch the IC tag to the IC tag reader attached to the visual system, and those in the same voice system delivery area to automatically pick up voice guidance linked to the visual contents in the language of their choice.

[ Lecture Presentation and Symposium Activities ]
As part of this joint project, a variety of events are scheduled which are intended to heighten interest in fine- arts, overall. These include lecture presentations, academic symposiums conducted together with the Louvre, serial lectures on artworks on display and western arts, along with live lecture presentations by Louvre curators using teleconferencing systems.

[ Art Appreciation Space ]

Display PeriodOctober 30 to March 10, 2007, featuring "Un Carabinier" The Master and his Horse ?by Théodore Géricault.
Viewing HoursMonday, Tuesday and Thursday 17:00 ?19:00
Wednesday and Friday 17:00 ?20:30
Saturday 11:00 ?17:30
ClosedSundays, national holidays and year end and New Year
EntryFree of charge (Fees will, however, be charged for participation in symposiums, lecture presentations and lectures.)
EntranceBy reservation only. Reservations may be made through the "Louvre-DNP Museum Lab," website at or by calling 03-5435-0880 between 09:00 and 18:00.

Open to 50 people at each two hour session;

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday17 :00 - 19 :00
Wednesday and Friday(1) 17:00 - 19 :00
(2) 18 :30 - 20 :30
Saturday (1) 11 :00 - 13 :00
(2) 12 :30 - 14 :30
(3) 14 :00 - 16 :00
(4) 15 :30 - 17 :30

Please note that the "Louvre-DNP Museum Lab," website may also be accessed through the Louvre website at .

[ Upcoming Exhibition ]
A display of "Tanagra figurines;" colored terracotta figures from ancient Greece is scheduled for display from April 2007, as the next session in the series.

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