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DNP Photo Marketing Launches "CENTURIA Film" Series of Color Negative FilmHigh Resolution Quality for All


DNP Photo Marketing Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd. (DNP) will, from late May, launch the "CENTURIA Film" series of color negative film for cameras using silver halide film*

The "CENTURIA Film" series comes in a line up of three photographic sensitivity levels ISO100, ISO200, and ISO400, all of which boast high quality, and can be used in response to various photographic needs from those of beginners all the way up to the expert.

[Product Summary]
1. Product Name - "CENTURIA Film" Series (Three types)


2. Features

*  CENTURIA 100 Excellent performance for portrait or landscape photography
This fine-grained ISO100 film provides sharp reproduction of even the smallest details. The results are vivid, with minimal blurriness and beautiful color reproduction, even in backlit shots, such as commonly occur outdoors, or shots in which the subject is underexposed due to a bright background.

*  CENTURIA 200 Excellent picture quality with plenty of sensitivity to spare
This ISO200 film delivers outstanding photos both in outdoor shots, as you’d expect, and also when using a flash. It combines high effective sensitivity with fine-grained detail, making it suitable for photography under a wide variety of conditions. Stable color balance means that the full range of hues come through looking bright and fresh.

*  CENTURIA 400 Unmatched ease of use in any setting
This ISO400 film combines ease of use and superior picture quality. Its high sensitivity is matched by superb fine-grained detail, so you’ll get sharp, beautiful photos shooting outdoors during the day, indoors, or at right. It is suitable for a very wide range of settings and produces consistently excellent results regardless of the shooting location or conditions.

"CENTURIA Film" Series (Three types)

[Price and Launch Date]

Manufacturers List Price
(Exclusive of tax)
CENTURIA 100 135 mm, 24 exposures,
sold individually
Yen 420
CENTURIA 100 135 mm, 36 exposures,
sold individually
Yen 570
CENTURIA 200 135 mm, 24 exposures,
sold individually
Yen 566
CENTURIA 200 135 mm, 36 exposures,
sold individually
Yen 776
CENTURIA 400 135 mm, 24 exposures,
sold individually
Yen 575
CENTURIA 400 135 mm, 36 exposures,
sold individually
Yen 785

To be launched from late May. Please note that the prices indicated above are applied for Japanese market only.

(*) Silver halide film refers to a format whereby the film is exposed to photo-sensitized materials including silver halide and coloring agents on the surface of the support medium. "Silver halide film prints" are photo prints produced via developing processes using the aforementioned format.

* Product price, specification and service content listed in this news release are as of time of going to press. This data may change without notice. Production and distribution and the provision of specific services listed in this release may have already been curtailed. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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