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Dec.04,2008 Louvre - DNP Museum Lab ? Fifth presentation
Oct.24,2008 DNP Develops Surface Film for Flat Displays with World-beating Hardness
Sep.26,2008 DNP?s High-Security Embossed Hologram Awarded 'Certification of Review and Assessment of Anti-Counterfeiting Technology' in China
Sep.24,2008 DNP Develops Software for Automatically Recognizing Automobiles in Just a Short Time from Satellite Images
Sep.24,2008 DNP, Tokyo Women?s Medical University and CellSeed Use Printing Technology to Establish Production Technology for Cell Sheet Culture Film Used in Regenerative Medicine
Sep.18,2008 DNP Upgrades an Automatic Composing and Production Support System Targeting DTP
Sep.16,2008 DNP Develops Foil Tooling Technology Presenting 3-D Effect
Sep.10,2008 DNP Develops Temperature Monitoring System for Refrigerators Using Active Tags with Temperature Sensors
Sep.10,2008 DNP Develops Slim, Low Price Uniform Management IC Tag To help prevent illicit removal of uniforms and support stronger compliance
Sep.02,2008 DNP Acquires Company-wide PrivacyMark Accreditation
Sep.01,2008 DNP to begin sales of "RELIEFGRAMTM," a type of hologram capable of displaying 3-Dimensional surfaces with high resolution and brightness
Aug.07,2008 DNP Acquires Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Accreditation
Aug.01,2008 DNP to Integrate Three Arts and Cultural Related Business Group Companies to Establish DNP Art Communications
Jul.31,2008 DNP and Maruzen to Further Enhance Operational and Capital Alliance Three-way Agreement Signed with TRC
Jul.28,2008 DNP Provides Low Cost Bio-MEMS
Jul.22,2008 DNP Adds Member Administration Function to ASP Service Creating Mobile Sites for Companies
Jul.16,2008 DNP to Establish DNP FOTOLUSIO
Jul.15,2008 DNP Develops a Service Designed to Make the Opinions of Consumers Gathered from Blogs and SNS More Visible
Jul.11,2008 DNP and MMF Host ?Learn More About France : French History Quizzes?An Exhibition making Use of Digital Pens
Jul.09,2008 DNP Develops Entry Control System Aligning ID's, Gatekeepers and Face Recognition

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