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May 17,2011 DNP and Yama-kei Publishers to Produce Digital Magazine Including Images and Sound Alongside Paper Edition
May 10,2011 DNP Develops 3 Low Cost, High Durability UHF Band IC tags
May 09,2011 DNP Develops Product Monitoring System Combining UHF Band IC Tags and Face Recognition System
May 02,2011 DNP Develops Biomass Plastic Film for Packaging Uses
Mar.08,2011 DNP Launches Sales of Luxury Design Lippmann Hologram Card as Premium Members Card
Mar.07,2011 DNP Develops SaaS Type Service to Optimize EC Sites for Smart Phones and Mobile Phones at Low Cost and with just a Short Lead-Time
Mar.04,2011 DNP Develops NFC Compatible Authentication Service
Feb.23,2011 DNP Launches Product Support Service for Digital Magazines Including Images and Sound
Feb.16,2011 DNP Achieves Doubled Luminance for Virtuagram(R), a 3D CG Hologram
Feb.14,2011 DNP Ushiku Plant Acquires UnionPay Card Manufacturer and Personalizer Certification
Feb.04,2011 DNP Develops Time Synchronization Format One-Time Password Card
Feb.04,2011 Group Reorganization in Chubu Region through Company Split (PDF60KB) PDF
Jan.19,2011 DNP Develops World's Slimmest Component-Embedded Printed Wiring Boards with Thickness of 0.28mm
Jan.19,2011 DNP Commences Marketing High Security Micro SD Card Development Kit
Jan.12,2011 DNP Becomes Early Adopter of Molecular Imprints PERFECTA(TM) MR 5000
Jan.11,2011 DNP-DOCOMO-CHI Joint Venture "2Dfacto" to Launch Initial E-book Service
Jan.05,2011 DNP Markets Authenticity Assessment System for Driving Licenses to Prevent Illegal Acquisition of Basic Resident Registration Cards

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