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Dec.27,2013 DNP Media Create Launches Product Image Photo and Distribution BPO Service
Dec.12,2013 DNP Promotes Educational ICT Activities Using Digital Texts and Materials
Dec.12,2013 DNP and Intelligent Wave Develop Concierge System on Website
Dec.11,2013 DNP Launches honto for Nintendo 3DS
Dec.05,2013 DNP Launches Crowd Funding Based Publishing Planning Support System
Dec.03,2013 DNP Completes Construction of Dye Sublimation Photo Media Plant in Malaysia
Nov.21,2013 DNP SP-TSM Service Acquires Visa and MasterCard Brand Certification
Nov.20,2013 DNP and Photronics Agree to Merge Taiwan Photomask Operations of Subsidiaries (PDF 54KB) PDF
Nov.05,2013 DNP and DNK Develop Recycling and Reuse System for Heat Emitted by Deodorizing Apparatus for use by Dry Laminating Equipment
Oct.29,2013 DNP, Nihon Unisys, TRC and Maruzen Renew Cloud-Type E-Library Service with Improved Convenience for both Japanese Libraries and Individual Users
Oct.24,2013 DNP to Open Kashiwa Data Center as Operational Base for ICT Business
Oct.10,2013 DNP Fotolusio Launches Party Print, Printing Photos Taken with Smart Phones
Oct.09,2013 DNP Markets Embryo Culture Dishes to Fertility Clinics
Oct.08,2013 DNP and Nihon Unisys Group Launch Sales of the PIM System as a Cloud-Type Service
Oct.03,2013 DNP Develops a Cloud Platform Based O2O Targeting Smart Phones Links Networks and Real Store Outlets
Oct.01,2013 Dai Nippon Printing Introduces Two New Types of Hologram for Colorful Designs
Sep.18,2013 DNP Acquires Patent License for MetallicView® from National Printing Bureau
Sep.13,2013 DNP Develops Image System Facilitating Perspectives on the Internal Structure of Pyramids
Aug.29,2013 MasterCard, C-SAM, DNP to Introduce White-label NFC Mobile Wallet Services in Japan
Aug.07,2013 DNP Launches Disaster Information Distribution Service Targeting Digital Signage

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