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Dec.22,2014 DNP Launches Layered Laser Perforated Pouch
Dec.17,2014 DNP Receives Universal Design Award for E-Book Shop Software Used With E-Book Distribution Service Targeting Children
Dec.11,2014 DNP Launches Smart Phone-Based Campaign Information Distribution Service
Dec.09,2014 DNP Commended for Worker Friendly Innovations in the Worksite
Dec.08,2014 DNP Develops Japan's First Insulated Paper Containers Using Biomass Plastic
Dec.04,2014 DNP Launches Order Management Service
Dec.02,2014 DNP Launches honto pocket
Nov.19,2014 DNP, Conexio and Atmark Techno Commence One Stop Support Service for Configuring M2M and IoT Systems
Nov.18,2014 Spansion and DNP Launch Field Experiments of Indoor Positioning Using Spansion's Energy Harvesting Power Management Integrated Circuits
Nov.12,2014 DNP Commences Intelligent Communication Platform to Support Communication between Humans and Robots Using AI
Nov.11,2014 DNP Adds O2O Platform Function Targeting Smart Phones
Nov.10,2014 DNP Launches Full Scale Virtual Image System
Nov.10,2014 DNP and DNP Media Create Enhance Cloud Service Line Up
Nov.07,2014 DNP Markets Image Processing Technology as an Embeddable Program
Nov.06,2014 DNP Develops Natural Energy-Based Energy-Saving Digital Signage
Nov.04,2014 DNP Digitalcom Co., Ltd. Develops Contest Entry Service Using Cloud Telephone API
Oct.30,2014 Dai Nippon Printing Develops Transparent Hologram Ribbon to Protect ID Card Surfaces, for Use in Card Printers
Oct.30,2014 DNP Launches UHF Band IC Tag System for Libraries
Oct.22,2014 DNP Develops System to Prevent Information Leaks by Company Staff
Oct.14,2014 DNP, Nihon Unisys and Pioneer VC Collaborate on Disaster Emergency Response System

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